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    Window Insulation

    check out Magne Shade. They use magnets glued to the windows to hold the window shades.
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    Window Insulation

    I’ve seen a couple of coaches use this. It just seems like more bulky stuff to store when traveling.
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    Converting a MCI bus into an RV...

    Mobil services available. Having your own tire saves some headaches in the event of a blowout and being able to get the correct replacement
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    F' you Idaho

    Here in central Florida no more masks. Went to Lowe’s, Walmart and CVS yesterday and no mask. Employees were sort of wearing them but definitely way lax
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    Commuter Car

    Couple of my nieces have had coroallas. They are car killers and those things just keep going. 😂
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    For you old guys and SS

    I just started SS but from what I could get from them pension and 401 draws do not count as income. Secondary job income would reduce your SS. I guess I will find out next year when I have to pay if I’m wrong lol
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    For you old guys and SS

    Savings (401)withdrawals are not considered income for SS as far as I understand.
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    Big Day For The Monkey Farm!

    Before I retired from Northrop there was a huge push to pull young female engineers up thru the ranks. She should have a bright solid career ahead no matter if military or industry career.
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    For you old guys and SS

    Domestic partnership is a lot more complicated than imagined. Every thing is questionable and lots of documents needed to meet requirements. Easier to just get married. Lol
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    Some pics from Parker last weekend

    How was the pontoon behind the Moho? That’s a lot of boat back there I bet.
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    For you old guys and SS

    This is us. I retired at 59 and partner quit working at 50. Pension and 401 draws until this year when i stated SS at 62. Partner will have a pension at 55 and has 401 savings as well. We decided for me to draw early so our savings and investments can continue to work and grow for us.
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    Manchin = So Very Rare.

    They are good with 25% tax rate but not 28% as proposed. He is just as scummy as the rest , fuck manchin
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    Snowbird Exodus

    I’m in central Florida. Running down to Tampa yesterday the northbound side of I75 was loaded with mohos headed north.
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    With all the reporting systems now a days can you sue for diminished value upon resale?
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    We would push the carts back at gemco and you would get entered in a raffle for a bike I think.