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    900 Billion

    post a link to a credible news source reporting Biden abusing children.
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    CDC website

    No. The article is stating that deaths in the US are projected to reach 3.2 million in 2020 (Final numbers are a few months away). That would be a 15% increase over 2019, which I think is notable. Obviously the exact cause for each of those deaths isn’t easy to determine, and all kinds of stuff...
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    What made you smile this week?

    Watching the 15 week old shepherd hassle the fat cat.
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    CDC website

    6% of 3.2 million is 192,000.
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    CDC website

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    2 questions for dave

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    Communist China $$$ Corrupting our Country

    The cash that China used to build their network of influence was provided by you, and I, and literally every consumer in the Western world. We're addicted to filling our houses with tons of shit, generally not caring where it comes from. This trading relationship is not one that US consumers...
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    Thank you. The time outs were needed.
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    Not for fun. Trump takes his misinformation strategies very seriously. It’s his currency.
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    He was being sarcastic. https://www.newsmax.com/newsfront/obama-trump-birther-conspriacy/2020/12/15/id/1001584/
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    U.S. Supreme Court.

    On top of what your hard work directly provides, you’re personally showing your kids what hard work looks like. The best kind of teaching.
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    U.S. Supreme Court.

    I feel you. Both parties have been turning their heads to the debt, because the truth sucks for both parties, and all of us. Like you know in your house, you can’t spend more than you bring in indefinitely. Some combination of less spending and more revenue is needed or the country eventually...
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    Wisconsin Supreme Court!! = YES!

    A concession is polite and gracious, but constitutionally meaningless. Trump’s decision making power over who’s the next president is no greater than yours or mine. One person, one vote.