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    What are you listening to, right now?

    Recorded on my birthday
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    Anyone watch wrestling ? WWE, AEW etc

    Brother in Law's niece is Hot Ness or Mess or wtf... she has a great time doing WWE
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    Carnival rides

    Was on one of these things ...a young father was on in front of me his young 5-6 year old on swing beside him was sliding out the back .this unit had two rows of swings per anchor point he was able to swing sideways while we were in motion and caught the child's hood we went around about five...
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    ‘57 Ford F-350

    This thing is really lookin great...koodoes for keeping it real
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    Boating content...at a car show.

    That Green Miller is FCK'N awesome My quest for a flatty started out with green steering wheel...then found a god awful purple painted but chip cracked enough to revel 71-72 Hondo runner... green and silver gell sceam... still collecting parts will be FE stroker with survival heads and 871...
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    My new river buddy.

    congrates to you and yours first kid is incredible
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    The "old man" list

    Well yah can't drink all day if you don't start in the mornin 56 never had em...knock on wood
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    good morning inmates

    There was orange...Mornin
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    Lord have mercy!

    A few years back I worked for a German outfit that was involved with the Tunnel project from France to England... In North Vancouver we had several cranes on a tunnel boring project almost 700 feet down hole one of my jobs was crane inspections nothing like that shit ... guy has got to have...
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    Skateboard on a treadmill?

    Come on man...
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    Skateboard on a treadmill?

    If you're driving down the road in you're three wheeled canoe, and the fourth wheel falls off, How many bricks does it take to build the CN Tower? None... because there are no bones in ice cream and no chocolate chips in chicken...
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    Avoid at all costs...

    1.44 / litre up here x 4.55 $6.55 imperial gal...x 3.79 $5.45 / gallon
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    What are you listening to, right now?

    Funny how quickly you end up on the redline...