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    GodSpeed buddy

    Just heard about this today. Only met Greg once, but he left an impression. Wide open is all I can say. R.I.P. Greg
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    Buddy got his BRAND NEW (to him) 62 Vette vert stolen the day he bought it....

    All honesty, disabling cars is a thing of the past... Only would take me a minute to get a car with a tow truck, flat bed and a few more to come in with an enclosed trailer. Best thing people can do is get a tracking service. Notice the cars gone, report it n boom they will find it. This has...
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    Buddy got his BRAND NEW (to him) 62 Vette vert stolen the day he bought it....

    That really sucks. I used to always work the shows and auctions up there, its not uncommon to have million dollar cars all over the place. Its possible that the car could of been watched, but early cars are easy as hell to steal also. Hope they find it.
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    Deep Fried Oreos!!!

    They are gooooooooood.....
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    50 chicks on a party bus just arrived in vegas

    I see a few "airplane skirts". So short you can see the cockpit...
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    It is a very hard career to get into in CA, especially So.Cal. I know alot of firefighters, and alot more trying to get in.I have seen some try for over 7 years to get into a department. Alot are actually being laid off right now, and know of a few that went from 3 man engines down to 2 people...
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    8/19 WHAT did yoU LeaRN This weEK??

    hahahahaha I just scanned one of em...
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    8/19 WHAT did yoU LeaRN This weEK??

    Its not??? but, but, but....... :D
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    8/19 WHAT did yoU LeaRN This weEK??

    I also learned not to call someone out.. and I need a deckboat n park it at foxs Hell i still cant figure out those damn picture things.
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    Dad's Bucket list #1: Bonneville

    Badass pics. Did you post more on yellowbullet also? Sucks to hear about the guy from england, hope he got to run also.
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    thank you sand bar resort

    Sandbar kicks ass... Jason n family seem like good people... Scott is a good guy, The boat turned out great Scott.
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    Social media background check, something to think about.

    Hopefully the 3 that got dq'd wasnt from pics of them drinking at the river, or maybe for being on a deckboat. But on another note, I heard about this a while back, it was on the news about people wanting to fight it.
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    Labor Day Weekend

    I dont know about getting bit by a dog, but maybe something else might happen... on your "deckboat"
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    Lesson learned...

    Halon works good in enclosed enviroments... Halon is also getting alot harder to find. IF you want something that will work anywhere look into ColdFire systems... DJSafety sells them and has test videos compairing them to alot of other systems. Their website is www.DJsafety.com