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    Lets see those boats

    Great thread 69hondo
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    Lets see those boats

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    Antifa & Frying Pan Man !

    My skillet collection went down in a terrible boating accident
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    Enclosed trailer repair

    New Trend Trailers is also a good source. They’re in Fontana
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    Blackstone griddles

    How do you like your UDS? Been wanting one lately
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    Havasu Pontoon Bote Rental

    We used Sandbar Powersports in late 2020. Nice pontoon and good people.
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    RV Batteries

    Dry camping on two 6v Interstate batteries from 2013. Can’t help but think the end is near.
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    Best place in Havasu to buy a box anchor?

    Slide Anchor was just East of Havasu Ave. On Industrial, North side of the street
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    Deionized water --- portable tank

    X2 for dirinse
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    Blackstone griddles

    I'm no pro, but I've done a tri tip on mine. I just turn it more often. A dome (lid) helps keep it from drying out.
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    Need info on a solar battery tender

    I use the same one for the motorhome battery. Works well
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    ***hey-lam, bought a new trailer last night..

    I agree......I prefer no rivets also. My NT has no rivets. Perhaps the picture shown was a customers preference.
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    ***hey-lam, bought a new trailer last night..

    Also check out New Trend Trailers. They're close to Sky (neighboring cities). New Trend is priced a bit higher, but not much. I looked at them both and settled on NT.
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    Rocker Switch

    I had good luck at Paxair in Havasu
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    Tire pressure gauge

    X2 on the Power Tank gauges