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    26 RPM Twin Merc 450R

    That was a master class.
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    good morning and happy hump day inmates

    Mornin all.
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    Laughlin Casinos

    I got an E-Mail from the Riverside, saying that the Buffet would be closed when they opened, but no open date. It didn't mention the prime Rib room but made me wonder about the buffet part, I'm guessing they will serve.
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    95 north traffic

    I hope somebody closes the gate when they're all out.😅
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    Newbie Potential Boat Owner - Boat evaluation Caliber One

    BTW a Mercruiser may have better resale, but a Volvo SX drive is probably better than an Alpha drive.
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    COVID on aircraft carrier

    Meant to quote.;)
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    COVID on aircraft carrier

    It's back in service training off the coast of Guam, captain says they are able to deal with any future problems. There are some people and situations where masks are being worn. I figure they're all taking hydroxychloroquine, but nobody's admitting to it.
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    Biden says 'you ain't black' if torn between him and Trump

    I read though thinking you were starting to see the light, but you sure disappointed me in the end, just can't cut those strings. I say check your feelings about the guy that tells it like it is and vote for him because he has done ten times as much to help blacks in three years as Obama and...
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    School me on Cheetah Tunnel Hulls

    Wasn't somebody looking to buy a 21 Nordic recently, he was tired of getting beat to death in his Hallett 210.😂
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    2020 American / Trump Parade video!

    Trump needs to see this. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
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    Out with the old

    Sounds like even BMW is trying to take the assholes out of their cars.😆 I'm sure you didn't need it, sweet ride.
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    Anyone have Don Burda’s number?

    If it's a business number please share.
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    Huntington Beach Fire Pits

    :rolleyes: Wet sand good, dry sand bad.:rolleyes:
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    My Son Is Home

    Happy for your family, way to go Seth.👍
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    Biden says 'you ain't black' if torn between him and Trump

    Joe Biden hasn't done anything for blacks other than lip service for forty years.