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    Cross country trip....

    Well Happy Birthday Tom, keep on sucking wind.👍
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    Got the falcon on the road ,

    Both of those are real nice. Always been partial to that style and era, my best friend in high school had a 64 Ranchero 260 4 speed, I took the block to the jr. college and bored it to 289, we put it back together with a Shelby kit and it was a pretty good runner for that era, lots of good memories.
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    No Names to Protect the Stupid

    Did you you mean Billion?
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    Pirates Hot Boat Event Incident.

    Hoping all these positive signs continue and he has a speedy recovery.
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    Hope all goes well for you and the family. Have you checked if the family doctor will write a script, even so the pharmacy my not fill it. (criminal):mad: I believe there are internet doctor sources.
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    Recruitment commercial

    Who were the seven?
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    Dana Billet Side Mount Controls - Group buy! We need at least 4 more people.

    Check with 460 I think he has red ones.
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    What day does the 50% off boat sell start???

    I don't, in fact I started to delete the post because I haven't been able to find it again. It came in the normal feed, but I've checked all the market place feeds and can't seem to find it again. Maybe it sold or was a hoax. Definitely could have worked for the right person.
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    What day does the 50% off boat sell start???

    There's a 2015 or 16 Wildcat on FB book for $35,000, but it needs a fair amount of work, it was a rental.
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    What if this were to happen???

    What if they had a major influence with money over the universities, Hollywood and Major league sports?
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    Australia, changing tides

    Isn't it strange that all the people dressed in black that were breaking down the doors have not been identified. Guess the FBI don't prosecute their own.
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    I would like to take a moment to applaud Mrs. Titties and Beer 😎

    Congrats to both of you, takes a little work.👍
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    Quick note on the Cyber Attacks

    I haven't had to do anything, but hit back and refresh and it lets me right in. Good thing cause I'm pretty computer illiterate.😁
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    Damn Climate change.
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    Ron's Bad ass Eliminator 31XO.

    Second video I've seen of a 31XO, those sure look like they ride nice.