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    Is it me or has the market in Havasu made another huge jump!

    Funny you say this, I spent a day and a half in LHC a year ago. Our second home we sold there, the new owner could offer it back to me for 500k less and I wouldn't go back. Happy for you LHC'r that live in a place you love, and this coming from a living in Cali my entire life, I have no idea...
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    When your kid get hurt bad.

    One daughter sports Dad to another, I'm pretty sure #24 is your daughter. The look on her face in the top pic, other than the norm, you got nothing to worry about. Tuff focused and a fighter. I seen this look on my daughter's grille in her sport at about 12, all good after that. Great pic BTW...
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    If you guys want to see the latest technology on how to build a boat..

    Vahalla boats are super nice. I tried to work out a deal on there 37 but just couldn't marry up to the price of there 37. Like any top their CC boat right now there expensive. I walked on a 37 and a 41 at the Lauderdale show and the quality is very hi, close to perfect really. Very well...
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    Pool Automation

    Fing eh, nice work
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    Pool vacs / sweepers

    I like pressure cleaners if your rightly plumb for them with a booster pump. Polaris work great, less filter cleaning with a fine mesh bag, and also easier to take out and re install then a suction cleaner if you do take the cleaner out of the pool frequently. If it's suction, the pool cleaner...
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    Run away cowards

    Nice post, and so you know I hit the like button 10 times. It grows old the amount of bitching that continues to occur from California exits. Born and raised in Cali and plan on dying here. Love the state and will fight for it until my end.
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    Mean As $&:/! Take 2

    Great dogs. The one I had was protective of the family and property, super good with my daughter but as a male he usually wouldn't pick a fight but if the other male dog did he'd end it fast. That dog could brawl. Hated cats. Great with female dogs. Like my Southern Black mouth Curs I have at...
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    Let’s go boating in south FL....

    I started spending some time boating in South Florida about 10 years ago. As soon as I found out how easy it was to boat to the Bahamas, the Keys, and just the boat scene in South Florida you really will never find boating like it anywhere. I've been back to LHC one time in the last 2 years...
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    not everything about the election sucked.......

    This last grow, I did an experiment. I have some nice gardens in the front half of my front yard. In the center of my vegetables section I grew a 5x5 serious bud producing plant to see the reactions from the neighbors. Kinda put it in the corn section. The triple takes I'd see from them walking...
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    DAYUM! Huge air coming out of Haulover.

    I think the biggest problem now with Haulover is the words out the camera is out especially when its rough. You mix that with not so great talent and a ego to match, you get this. I ran that inlet a bunch. It can swallow you. What kills me, look in the back ground or horizon. The water is nasty...
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    Tequila ?

    Casa Dragones Joven, 1942, and Clase Azul Reposado. Clase Azul, chill, flip the lid upside down, it's just about a shot. Something about tequila, gets the crazy going. Casa Dragones Joven is my favorite on ice for sipping. Super smooth great taste
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    Looking for some Home Gym Equipment

    Our home gym consists of a Stages 3 spin bike, Versa climber, vasa swim machine, and a free motion dual cable cross over. We used to have a higher end rower and miss it. My wife is on this crazy fit challenge right now that was called out through her my zone. The first one to 12,000 MEPs wins...
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    ...Calling All RDP Knee Experts???..,

    I had my Knee partially replaced 3 years ago this coming January. USC Dr Gilbert. I highly recommend Dr G and USC. It was by far the best place I've been for sugary and Dr G is really really good. Pre and post surgery was incredible. I am very happy I went through with this, haven't missed a...
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    Wishing Lavey Craft best of luck

    Maybe here in Cali, but in Florida and nearing states boat sales are through the roof. If I ordered my new Nor-tech 39 CC yesterday I'd be lucky too have it by Next august because there's 40 boats ahead of me. Same with invincible, Sea Hunter, SeaVee, Blackfin, etc.. hell even if I step down to...
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    Registering a car in AZ, using vacation home address?

    Unless its an RV, if tires touch the ground register it in the state you live in. Not worth it.