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    SOLD - 1999 35' Fountain Executioner

    That’s the Nicest Fountain I have ever seen of that vintage. 👍
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    24' Nordic questions???

    There’s a white and green one with an Ilmore 570 up here on the Shuswap, Heard it did 100mph but not sure. I think RD took it for a rip before it came to Canada.
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    Sunsation 32CCX

    Cant wait to see your new boat on the lake! Don’t think I’ve actually ever seen a CC on it yet. I’ve seen your M28 quite a few times in the last couple years And always wondered who it was! Always enjoy seeing something new. Congrats on the build!
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    What a beautiful boat! Can’t wait to see that on the Shuswap this summer!
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    Nice boat! How many hrs on the boat and Engine?
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    Wake boat wakes

    The Shuswap is th same way now. Like it’s permanent 2 ft chop cause of surf boats.
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    A cat with Balls! Cougar

    Magic/Sleek bought them? and after that I have no idea. Would be nice if someone updated the top decks of the MTR and started making them again.
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    A cat with Balls! Cougar

    Beautiful boat! Wish they still made them up here on the Shuswap! Don’t see many of them around here anymore.
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    Snowbird Just Crashed In BC.

    Ya I would think so! Not much sense in a 2 seater with 1 ejection seat!
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    Snowbird Just Crashed In BC.

    The plane crashed into one of my co workers next door neighbours house. His wife was home with 3 kids. He rushed home to get the family/ dogs out of the house.
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    Canadian Inmates

    You can have it shipped to me if you wish and I’ll have it shipped to you. I live in Kamloops, B.C. pm me if you want
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    What did he do?
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    Any 28 Bullets for sale?

    Yes it’s back in the US. A guy from Cali came up to B.C and bought it. I think it’s around Parker/Havasu now.
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    Any 28 Bullets for sale?

    What year? Is that the cream coloured one?