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  • Hi,
    I'm building a new boat and need help regarding gelcoat and custom color mixing. I have formula, but no sample. Do you have a few minutes to talk? 714-612-3000.
    Hey Larry,
    Been chasing down Blas for the last 8 plus weeks but he's busy doing
    Malibu's stuff and just can't seem to commit to fitting me in. Do you have any other local socal guys that are as good or better than Blas I could call for repairs and gel?

    You can pm me to keep it off board

    Hit Lavey Craft in Corona.
    If I sent you a picture would that help ? If not where the repair is doesn't really standout so maybe a middle shade .
    What type of gelcoat should I use for a couple of quarter size gouges in a 1994 Stoker its white at this area. I have never done this before but I can wet sand and buff any car or boat. I am a perfectionist. Can you help ?
    Thanks Bill
    Probably LillyRam?
    Believe it or not there’s several different whites.
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    Works been kicking my ass. Six days a week, sometimes seven. So I haven't got a lot done other than background stuff, like setting up the corporation, getting a bank account that kind of thing. Been tinkering with the RC stuff during the few hours a week that I seem to get. Trying to knock something together over the holiday.
    Hey Gelcoater. I have a question for you. You knowing my boat.I have some scratches and some oxidation on area's on my boat that will not buff out even with compound. how will wet sanding effect my finish and will it effect it in long term.
    Hi there this is stan at schiada we are looking to have a boat shot asap
    can you call lee at 818-448-9788 that is his cell.
    its a 43 its one color with flake
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