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    15 years later

    Finally hit 100k on my duramax. Only took 15 years to do it 😏
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    Attitude Toy Haulers

    Post on your experience at Best Rv. Seem to have the best prices by far. Curious if they sell for listed prices or thats just to get you in the door.
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    B&W Patriot 18k Slider

    I have the BW Companion slider. Basically the aame just higher weight rating. Heavy son of gun to remove from the bed but works great and is built like a tank. I think youll be happy with that BW
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    Big 5th wheel Towing

    I should have clarified, I meant for trailers over 15k. You need to take the regular class written, along with any other class you have (Motorcycle), and the class A non-commercial for over 15k. when you pass those there IS a driving test. DMV takes that crap super serious. Start at begining of...
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    He Keeps Doing It

    I feel the same. I've read his crap over the years and never bothered responding because he's an idiot and does this crap for attention. But enough is enough. How can a human being turn a head and make a joke of it. Doesn't even have the decency to make an appearance with a half assed "sorry...
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    He Keeps Doing It

    And who the hell in their right mind would send a kid anywhere near that pedo. Great parenting ☹
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    He Keeps Doing It

    SO he's touching the little girl and she looks totally uncomfortable and you still have nothing to say. All you have to offer is Big joke to make the conservatives head explode. Don't you have a pitty party to plan
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    Big 5th wheel Towing

    Not to sound like tow police but just a little info before you get something and find out after the fact.. These trucks are all capable but whatever truck you look at, make sure you understand the GVWR, and all that nonsense. You'd be surprised how quick the truck itself is overloaded just with...
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    Open house.

    Easy drive from Santa Clarita, count me in and thanks for the open invite!
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    Inbred Family-The Whittakers

    Thats some scary shit. Actually sad to watch but still scary. And who the hell is interviewing? The guy is barking like a dog..."and tell me about your memories"
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    Hiding outdoor stereo receiver

    Hard wire inside to the home stereo would be ideal but a project and a half. So i'm doing completely separate system for the yard.
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    Hiding outdoor stereo receiver

    Thats the kinda thing i'm looking for, Thanks!
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    Hiding outdoor stereo receiver

    How is everyone hiding there backyard stereo receivers? I can mount under the patio roof but that not visually appealing. I have an old wood cooler that might work with some minor cutting. Im trying to find a cool way to hide it, but it will still be under the protection of the patio.
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    DCB down at Buckskin

    "Nothings broke, it just needs service!" All kidding aside, glad they were able to walk way from that.
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    Adultery Rumors

    All this good advice but what does wife want to do about it? Let it go, talk to HR, see an attorney? That answer could ease your mind a little about any doubts you may have of her past activities. It's a shitty deal for you to have on your plate either way but I certainly wish you the best!