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    good morning and Merry Christmas inmates

    Good morning and Merry Christmas. I like the girls with a little extra fur on them. Wheels up tomorrow at 9 am. Well be back this summer. You guys all take care.
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    Done with your shopping?

    I had to rethink the wife's gift. It was the correct caliber but I think the wrong weight. Might just be me but, my lunch bag of gingerbread boys had a loose head rolling around in it.
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    Hey LAM bought a Daytona

    Merry Christmas!
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    My Christmas Tree

    If you hit that, I think you're gonna get rope burns on your junk.
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    good morning and happy hump day inmates

    It is a Good Morning.
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    Unless a survey has a targeted purpose, its worthless. The questions that are asked in todays surveys are very carefully design to get the answers they want, not to find out the truth.
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    Are you getting $600?

    And I got nasty PM's when I said people would be running down the aisles of DC with arms full of money and I just want to pick up what falls on the floor. We leave to go back on the 26th.
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    December 21, 2020

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    good morning inmates

    Good morning from Arizona.
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    The "Greatest Generation" is getting smaller

    Sorry for your lose. My Grandmother, on my mothers side, was born in a log cabin around 1899 and lived to be 103 + -. My Grandfather went to work for the railroad in 1920 and worked there until 1968. The stories they would tell. Truly the Greatest Generation.
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    Quads and Jet Skies are living proof that, if you can afford the payments, you can buy stupidity. I grew up on the water and the Oregon dunes. People all had a common goal of being safe and responsible with true respect for one an other. I watched first hand as that all changed and not for...
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    Has This Been A Problem?

    90% of warning labels are based on lawsuit settlements.
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    .......that and they don't like to put their feet in the mud when they stop.
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    Dynamic Air Services in 2020

    Congratulations on your success.
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    Any ATV that has four wheels, is a bike with training wheels on it.