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    What's Up With RDP?

    MUST SHOW PROOF OF VAX or a Neg test 72 hours prior :)
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    Anyone get a Covid 19 SBA Loan?

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    Starlink String of 50 Satellites visible tonight and tomorrow in LHC/Vegas

    I got to see the last 2 Starlink satellite launches by chance on an early am run. It’s an unreal sight!
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    LOTO vs Desert Storm

    my point of my photo is that there is a massive amount of properties “on the water”. With that brings a massive amount of boats. The size of LOTO and amount of property on the lake brings a huge crowd. You don’t even need to go to shootout to see million dollar boats all day long. All of the...
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    LOTO vs Desert Storm

    this is the typical view everyday at LOTO During the summer. Non stop hi performance boats!
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    2021 LOTO Shootout

    Everyone is heading over to Captain Ron’s.
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    LOTO Street Party

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    LOTO Street Party

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    Mountain Bikes

    Thats a LONG way on a MTB!!!!!
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    Mountain Bikes

    I’m usually stoked with every ride. But this one SUCKED. Got rained on most of the ride. Flatted 3/4 up B⭐️. Fixed it in the mud and said F it. Came back home!
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    Rolex watches off eBay

    Apple watch is all I wear, thats why I sold my Submariner
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    Rolex watches off eBay

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    Rolex watches off eBay

    Sold my Submariner last month. Don’t wear it so I figured make a quick $5k 🤷🏼‍♂️
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    Shawshank Redemption

    Step Brothers Tombstone Shawshank Caddyshack
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    Smart guy,no notes

    Mic drop!