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    Deep Sea Fishing- Maui?

    Long time ago I used finest kind for a few shared charters. Headed out to backside of Lanai and it’s friggin rough out there. It’s not a trip for newbies. I always tipped and let them know I was an experienced fisherman and they always cut me a nice filet to cook back at the condo but they...
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    I take zelle at my office. I get an immediate text notification that the money has been deposited into my business bank account. No fucking credit card fees!!
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    Questions for the Brain trust... Realestate, taxes, legal BS, airspeed of an unladen swallow etc.

    Both spouses must pass the 2 year use test and only one needs to pass The 2 year ownership test and u get the 500k exclusion Child support is based on monthly income and not a one time sale of an asset. You already did a property settlement? They can’t do it a second time on an asset...
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    Can't help but think about the inflation and something has to give

    It feeds off itself. The increase in housing prices leads a lot of people into tapping into their home equity to buy things they really can't afford. Maybe they don't directly do an equity line but they say fuck it my house is now $1M I can sure as hell afford a $60K truck or $100K boat and...
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    Damn increases.......

    They are charging you the Biden price. I think we need to come up with a new catchy phrase in Joe's honor for fucking everything up.
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    Thousands of barrels of suspected toxic DDT found dumped in California ocean

    I've been spelling it wrong all these years
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    New Bridge In LB Harbor

    I think the correct dock to use is not at the end but the spot right next to land where the restaraunt entrance is. We parked at the end at first and then I asked the hostess and we ended up moving the boat. I don't think it much more than a 30ft slip
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    New Bridge In LB Harbor

    Did you guys watch Homecoming on Amazon with Julia Roberts? True story me and my fishing buddy ate at this place on a sunday afternoon of slow fishing a while back and literally two days later I start watching Homecoming and I got a kick out this place being used for a lot of the scenes. In...
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    Doge coin

    The IRS issued a "john doe" summons to coinbase back in 2018 and they did the same to some other crypto companies this month. The recent one requested information on everyone holding 20K or more. This is nothing to worry about as long as you report your transactions when you sell your crypto...
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    Thousands of barrels of suspected toxic DDT found dumped in California ocean

    As a general reply I would be certain that everything leaked out of those drum within a few years. I suppose they should attempt to verify this and test the DDT concentrations in the area but to actually do any real clean up in this area in 3000 ft of water is a total waste of $$.
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    Thousands of barrels of suspected toxic DDT found dumped in California ocean

    done tons of beach camping all up and down the coast and we always carry a bottle of baby oil in the RV. You can see some natural seepage right on the beach at Carpinteria and hike a little south and there is more on the bluffs area.
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    Soooooo what do the experts around here think this is worth???

    Posting those pics makes you a total cockteaser
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    Selling off or holding on?

    Keep it unless you enjoy paying taxes
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    Vitamins, supplements

    I’m gonna have to try the T booster.
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    Vitamins, supplements

    My GF buys super amazing coffee and creamer online. It’s like $2 a pod and I don think it tastes good so I stick with my French roast. I can’t believe how overpriced it is and the ridiculous claims they make about losing weight etc. I buy cherry pills on amazon for my gout and I think they...