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    So Cal Day Trippin'.. Whats open..

    Big bear was open and crowded last weekend. We ate inside at one place. Places are expensive
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    RDP Braintrust

    You are trying to put an rv spot where’s it doesn’t belong. Remove the post. You can probably store an rv on the front portion of the spot. Keep in mind you only need to pave back to the rear wheel on the trailer. You could probably dig out six inches if you need to and just cement where...
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    School me on prop 13 laws

    It sounds like a prop 58 transfer so they can keep your tax base
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    Borrow as much money as you can at 2.5% and buy value/blue chip stocks paying 2% or more dividends with 75% of it. The rest sprinkle it around with precious metals and collectibles.
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    PPP Loan Rules

    The feds made the PPP thing completely tax free this week but California did not and will not conform
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    just want a small marine amp...

    I would get the fosgate since it matches your head unit
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    Corporate tax strategist

    SCorp, solo 401k or simple ira, yes on the back door Roth, vehicles has to be a heavy one to expense and if your marginal tax bracket is low enough I pass on the immediate expense of equip What else you wanna know? Also PPP loan foregiveness is taxable
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    Tito Ortiz HB pro tem mayor

    He was cruising around the harbor yesterday on his boat. He waived to us and we waived back. I should have snapped a pic
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    Where to buy classic car?

    I bought my 18yo a 2004 Tacoma last weekend had 160,000 miles needs a little work but it had a solid v6. Paid $5700 I’ll be in it maybe $7500 when we are finished getting it ready for the road. You are nuts to buy something like that for a 16 year old
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    How much $$ is a clean title worth over a salvage title to you?

    The salvage isn’t a huge issue when you sell it if the incident is not recent. I’ve been looking at Tacoma’s and it’s a total joke trying to find one under 10k. Salvage title and 300k miles seems to be the norm
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    RDP Braintrust. What Would You Do? Sell, Buy, Rent? 2021 prediction?

    My advice would be to not try to time the market. Almost no one who does this comes out ahead. If you sell now you should buy immediately. I've seen many who sell and leave the state who return and can't buy back in at a later date. Too many variables can happen and screw up the best plans.
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    Shore spike.

    Shorespike really takes a pounding. Someone can finish the joke for me.
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    pissed off in vegas,...fuc selling

    Two things I see here. I could see them trying to file a suspicious activity report on the transaction. It doesn’t matter that buying/selling an RV with cash is normal. The second is that banks are just harassing you as a way of charging you a negative interest rate. I’ve heard most...
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    Really nervous

    It’s a character flaw if you let who is president affect your life that much. Just control what you can in your everyday life and keep moving forward
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    Hot Sauce in Walmart

    Careful working with them they like to fuck over their suppliers just to squeeze a few extra bucks of profit out of you