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    2018 TAHITI 21 DECKBOAT - LSA JET $80K 36 hours

    2018 TAHITI OFFSHORE 21 DECK INDMAR LSA JET 540HP / Dominator 12-S / Inducer Ride Plate Shoe Droop Diverter Hydraulic Livorsi GPS Carbon Gauges Gator Step Bimini Full Beam Swimstep Capped bow and stern Extreme Trailer MINT MINT CONDITION - Located in San Diego CA $80,000.00 RARE BIRD -...
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    2002 FORCE OFFSHORE 26 CAT - 540 GT $55K

    02 FORCE 26 Closed Bow Center Controls 540 Merlin / Merlin Heads / GT Marine 750HP Fresh Powerplant Bravo 1 - Hydraulic Ram Assit - Kicker Audio Triple Axle Trailer Fresh Cap bow and Stern Owned and Maintained by J and S Motorsport FOR SALE $55K Located in Lake Havasu City - 928 706...
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    Tahiti Offshore 266 Deck / Cat

    bought the motor from eticket used. Saved $$$
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    Tahiti Offshore 266 Deck / Cat

    Sunday work day Swimstep mock ups DTS programming and we can fire this bad boy Bigger studs into gimball for the Mayfair kit
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    Internet bench racing a 700hp LS marine engine...I want 2

    6.0L lq4 or LSX iron block and go up Stay away from aluminum blocks in boats w high boost
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    Engine compartment air intake location opinions pls

    Simple vent on front hatch Feed motor clean cool air Lsa jets we do due to low engine placement many 496 engines starve for air , more is better
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    19 WINGER

    Buddy wanted it capped Aloha Mr. Hand
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    RPM Limitations of Outdrives w/ LS based Engine?

    LSA - 242 SKIER was for a family dude so it only saw a SKI PROP. Plus its an Aftershock 24 bottom so not made for speed really. Huge bow. Ultra 23XS is much different bottom, trust me. We have that mold in our yard. LS engines are designed to run at a higher RPM, LSA for sure. They are all...
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    TAHITI 242 Skier jet

    Yes they are prepping the 282 Aftershock deck mold with a 520 with Martinez Interior. The 245 SKIER i believe is sold and getting a 6.2mag I keep pushing them to produce the 202XR / 19 Eclipse boats which would be cool. Bros helping Bros
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    19 WINGER

    19 is race prepped for a nitrous motor. 360LBS - My winger is sold to my buddy getting a 871 - 496 blower deal. River layup 600LB with gucci polished transom, flowcoating, gator step. The goal was to bass fish on the deck with my grom, but cash is king. 19 Cheyenne inside next- river race layup
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    RPM Limitations of Outdrives w/ LS based Engine?

    We have done a couple Lsa 540 / bravo 1 deals with no problems. Motor makes power ls3 500hp bravo 1 deal Would be the ticket tons of guys doing LS swaps in both jets and out drives. 6.0L iron block would be my base w nice pistons, cam , headers and prob a carb intake
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    Havasu Boat Show is On! April 9-10-11, Havasu 95 Speedway, Sara Park

    Next to all the big boy outboard boats
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    TAHITI 242 Skier jet

    The guys at Carrera own the molds now. 300r boat is low 70s so far We are continually working on x dims and set up now
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    If you want to have a nice quiet ride down river with the music flowing. Outboards are key. Best power option for the 23 DECK