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    Garage floor epoxy, with felt spacers

    I do concrete for a living and we use expansion paper a lot. Normally they leave it a little lower then top of concrete so you can put caulking over it. I can’t tell from your pics if it’s flush though. I definitely would not pull it out it lets the concrete expand and contract and helps prevent...
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    Pair of Mercury 280 outboards

    Some more pics
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    Pair of Mercury 280 outboards

    Posting for a buddy Selling a pair of 2000 EFI Mercury 280 Outboards. LH and RH. I have all service records for each year of service. Port motor rebuilt last season and has about 50 hours on it. Starboard has around 300 hours. Both gear cases are rebuilt and fresh. These motors have been...
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    Anybody in line waiting for their NEW Bronco?

    My dad is on the list and he got in really early and should be getting his soon doesn’t have an exact date tho.
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    Aaron Lewis Fans - New Song

    True American with his new song am I the only one great song
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    Can I register my cars and toys in AZ???

    where in the springs are you we are in the 700s. I have2 can ams registered in az and the my motor home and stacker as well. I didn’t do my truck or my wife’s car just because I didn’t want to get hassled if I got pulled over.
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    Nice Dinner for Wife's Birthday

    The old brea chophouse in downtown brea is great. They have a big selection on cuts and has become my favorite steakhouse
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    Glamis 2020-2021 season recap video

    Astronauts in the ocean
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    Lake Pend Oreille and Flathead Lake

    My grandparents have a house on the water on lpo we go once a year for week during the summer. It’s a beautiful lake. Best place to ski is the monarchs which is right where the Clark fork river enters the lake. That whole long strip will be glass. The bay where hope is is also a great spot to...
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    F26 / Mach 26

    We weren’t propped for top end always had 10 ppl on the boat
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    F26 / Mach 26

    this is our old f26 still around Havasu but re rigged with 300r. Super fun boat Had 300x with dbr kits. Ran 99 never got it to click 100.
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    Another "what should concrete cost" thread?

    Yeah that’s a good price pretty cheap for all that work
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    Another "what should concrete cost" thread?

    Is that 11 bucks for everything or just slab sq ft?
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    Toterhome vs Motorhome vs RV recomendations

    I have a 40 ft Monaco and pull a 24ft stacker with it that weighs around 16k loaded it does good but I wish I had more power mine has a 350 and I wouldn’t buy anything less then a 450 on my next coach. If I’m loaded I normally only drop down to 45 on hills but I really only tow from orange...
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    Are they any Jewelers on RDP?

    Jewelry’s touch in brea is my go to jimmy is a great guy and they will make whatever you want.