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    New Home Build

    We are trying to build a pool and i was telling my friend i would either have a stroke or be in jail at this point in your build . It looks great and i hope it is everything you in envisioned !👍🏻
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    Ruth bader Ginsburg dead at 87

    I think the new 20 something year olds should put there head back in there ass and worry more about drinking and screwing . Nobody ever pushed me as a youngster to " get out and vote " . Entertainers , athletes and teachers knew enough to shut up and do there job . Maybe adults back in the day...
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    Honda eu 2200’s in Parallel w/15000 BTU A/C

    You seam to have more time and effort into these harbor freight toys then the cost of a honda . Good luck with this one
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    Metal screen door

    Can you deliver and install ! Lol
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    Backyard Shed Info Needed

    We bought a tuff shed and loved it . Really held up .
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    Pool.....evaporation, or leak?

    fuck ! I think we have a leak too !
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    Pool.....evaporation, or leak?

    Fill it in ! 🤦‍♂️🤣
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    Shot of Our New Pool.

    Buy a house with a pool already !
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    Getting out of CA...

    Best decision we made was moving last year . Henderson nv might not be are final destination in life but we will not be moving west !
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    Getting out of CA...

    Actually the first response that actually has thought put into it . I dont agree with it because i didnt leave to change where im going . I moved because i wanted to legally live like the people here do . For now we are free to travel and live where we choose .
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    Lake Mead article in todays Kingman paper

    I guess it was a good time to build a pool ! I plan on using a few gallons out of the lake for my personal recreation !
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    Lake Mead article in todays Kingman paper

    Killing of the colorado was a good show .
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    Gyms sue CA / newsome

    And casinos and walmarts and some schools . The list is endless i hope your right but i doubt it .
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    I am in a world of shit.

    I heard somewhere he was supposed to teach a actor to play his part and they decided fuck it lets just use him !