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    I have bought more then my share of carbs . I added a fuel shut off valve and now when I run my generator I kill the gas and let it run dry . It has been flawless so far
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    So Whats for Breakfast?

    This morning is a breakfast burrito at the river !
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    So Whats for Breakfast?

    What ever the wife feels like making . Usually a breakfast burrito
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    Simi area inmate's, kids need help

    With out this coming off to harsh it's the people who live in simi fault . Nobody takes the time to go to city council meetings . Nobody is ever voted out of office . It was a small town of 250k that could of been controlled that has been coming off the rails since the 80s . It was a great place...
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    Solar questions with new program?

    I would think ,22 cents a kilowatt is expensive ?
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    Havasu Spring Break - Fizzled?

    I think a bigger hit to the boating market is the cost of a new or used boat . Then toss in you will shunned if your not in a dcb,nordic,or hallet why would young people get into boating . There was a time 4 kids got in a truck that had the best chance of making it to the river and back towing a...
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    End of an era outside the Window

    That building was big in my life my mom and a lot of friends parents worked there .
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    15 yr mortgage loan vs 20 vs 30

    Your right . Home loans have just become a little more predatory in my opinion . Call me stupid or ignorant and that would be accurate and a lot of people on here would say it was my own fault . When I was younger I ended up losing a lot of money in bad loans . Is it old people's fault they...
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    Husband Advise 101

    Good news is she might not be happy right now but no way is she leaving you . Cheaper to keep you ! What it would cost her to keep you in the style of life you have become used to , she will get over it ! Lol
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    Kingman Heat/AC Quote Review

    A.c. guys like nice things too !! 🛥🛩💲
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    15 yr mortgage loan vs 20 vs 30

    I don't feel the mortgage business is transparent and I 100 percent believe I need to educate myself on what I'm signing . In the future I will definitely shop a minimum of 3 loan offers .
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    Hey LAM, Look at What I did!

    Nice . Congratulations
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    XFL, are you watching?

    Has anybody taken a knee ? I will be watching until then
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    What’s everyone doing for cable

    Cox cable and suddenlink cable
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    Saw a body on the 60 driving home

    She didn't take anybody else with her . Yes it was not exactly alone because others saw it and were delayed . Everybody has a reason and it's sad . Rip