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    Polar bear race?

    138 you always have a black cloud following you!
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    Polar bear race?

    Catalina Polar bear race is on January 10 2015 start at 8:30 between the oil island. Please try to get there early and be ready for the 8:30 start.
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    DCB, or Nordic + $90K in your pocket?

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    A/C Guy in Mohave Valley

    Silverado Air did a good job for me. Call my boy Blue 928-768-2052.
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    Old School Led Sleds

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    Needles area river water level

    I will confirm! I was out there over the weekend and it was very high. You would have to try very hard to find a rock bar to hit.
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    Parker Ski Races This Weekend

    See you guys out there thanks for the support! Todd Haig skiing #191 Thanks outdrive1 for letting me ride backward in your boat on sunday!
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    Congratulations Todd Haig

    Thanks guys!
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    Catalina Polar Bear 2014

    See you guys there! Start at 9 so get there early and get ready.
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    Parker Enduro Roll Call

    1. OD1 2. RB 3. gn7 - and my ridiculous accusations of ball licking and swinging... 4. Blubyu 5. TheKeysLife 6. PinkTaco 7. RD & River Diva 8. One-A-Day 9. STV Keith 10. DJunkie 11. Kap 12. CambellCarl 13. Westair 14. Deangang 15. MrDeadair 16. Summer Boater Winter Offroader 17...
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    Catalina Training DayJune 9th!

    Ok, sounds like we might have 10 boat out there on Sunday. We will meet between the oil Island at 8:30 to 8:45 and start around 9 Am Sunday Fun Day!! Ski ya there!
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    Catalina Training DayJune 9th!

    Who's in? Everyone is welcome to come out and make a practice run. It is not sanctioned or supported by any ski club, just a fun morning to come out and make a practice run. IN!!:thumbup:
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    I don't get up early in the morning..

    Thanks again for riding for me this mornig it was a good time!!! You looked good for only 1 hour of sleep:) !!
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    2013 Catalina Polar Bear Race Round #2?

    count us in!! 8:30 start time Boat 73
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    2013 Polar Bear Race

    January 12 2013 at 9:00am meet between the oil islands. 11:00 at the yard house so we all can retell all are storys about the ski ride and year to come! :thumbsup