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    Big Shout Out to So Cal Pools!

    Julian was great to work with when we did our remodel, great design for our remodel.
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    So my wife says..

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    So I did some exploring

    Usually you can find gold fish in there also, it’s in a neat little canyon. We saw a frog in it also.
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    BVI charter question

    We got the insurance thru marine max, seemed easier that way.
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    Off road gps for havasu

    California trail users coalition.
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    Off road gps for havasu

    iPad with Avenza and Gaia, I like the ctuc maps with Avenza for SoCal.
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    Trailer brake controller?

    Etrailer.com has a good video on installation and operation on a Colorado.
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    SxS tires. Opinions?

    The Can-Am dealer in Havasu highly recommended them.
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    Bali or bust

    Great pictures, can’t wait to hear about the trip. Gas Lamp here we come!!!’
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    St Martin/Sint Marteen-Anyone ever been?

    BVI for boating is heaven. Been twice and can’t wait to go back.
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    Jaws Invasion: Lake Havasu

    We’re going too. Sounds like fun.
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    WTB Hallett 255

    Hallett Paul, has a nice ring to it. Good luck with your search
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    Inmate Sighting

    Looks like fresh paint, must be Paul
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    Big Bear Car Show?

    What they said