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    That's a good cruiser/rough-water ski. My kids and first-timers use our '69 often; great ski to transition from double-ski to single-ski starts. Haven't seen a 71' before. Nice. GLWTS
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    Will SCE Turn Your Power Off For An Hour This Week?

    Thanks for the reply. So you still have an SCE account and pay the basic service fee, but the solar drastically reduces it to near or at zero? Is the remedy for avoiding blackout the battery systems that @BasilHayden is referencing?
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    Will SCE Turn Your Power Off For An Hour This Week?

    Is your home home with solar still connected to the utility, in order to send excess back; will a rolling outage still affect you? Is it possible for the address to be bypassed by the blackout?
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    Ever measure the temp of your attic?

    I replaced the motor on my gable attic fan last weekend, just in time for the heat this week. It was about 120° up there. Bearings went bad on the previous one. I was pleasantly surprised Home Depot carried a motor and I could just replace in same frame and rewire with same thermostat. We...
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    Perfect Arrowhead boat

    Food for thought....most comments are correct. Weekends and holidays get blown out and choppy. Especially if he plans on doing lots of slow towing with smaller kids, get a boat that has good, clear view from drivers seat and has some trim ability to get the bow down. Some of the...
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    Empty Nest, Where Did The Time Go?

    True. Launching kids, even good well-educated solid people is seemingly harder than it should be. I'd trade early/mid twenties for Jr. Hi / HS. Not sure if its me or them, but I don't remember that period being so tough and extended in reliance on home. Ignorance is bliss for both sides of...
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    Race ski

    Ya, Mike was a funky but a really good guy and made all kinds of one-off ski stuff. I always enjoyed chatting with him. He made me a rope and his comfy neoprene bridle just before he got too sick to work on his stuff.
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    Race ski

    Totally random find, but it actually may be a good "play"-race ski. At 77', it will allow you to do a little more. It looks like the old Murdoch and Bemis style. Move the bindings up a little bit so you can do some looping turns. The binding rubber look beat, but the plates could be used...
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    Updated YouTube of Fountain (?) wipe out

    Anyone notice at the end, the girl on the right hammers the throttle sticks full go as she bounced back from the gunnel window. Good thing the engines died or the drives broke. That would have been a double whammy disaster had those throttles been still working. I'm sure a boat driver/owner of...
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    Trailer hitches. SCV. ?

    Did you call the U-Haul on Sierra Hwy. across from Chi-Chi's? They have a large shop, but I don't think they are turning things out quickly. They did some wiring adjustments for me. I have also used Accurate, but not for routine stuff. Bear did my brakes and bearings a few years ago. He does...
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    The woman who made our family possible has gone to be with our lord...

    Whoa. Thanks for sharing and for giving us some life perspective reset. You have been in a difficult and extended chapter of life, and until reading this, you did not allow it to define your presence. You're an honorable man. My small .02¢ observation; it seems Wendy allowed you to be the...
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    Pickup Trucks

    That's a whole-lotta truck. Nice.
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    2020 Stock Market Crystal Ball

    You should be able to bookmark it since it's a Google Sheet. Let me know if there is other data of interest. It's interesting & helpful to quickly see relative comps.
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    2020 Stock Market Crystal Ball

    Made a few changes to the spreadsheet. Feel free to offer ideas to add or adjust it. RDP Stock Comparison
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    2020 Stock Market Crystal Ball

    Mr. Market decided it wanted to shake some people up today. Whoa. I added to RDP spreadsheet; it shows comparison of how a stock is doing relative to major Index YTD, from the Feb high and the March low. See how a stock is performing in both down and up markets. If it is at (Beta) or better...