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    Montana LLC

    I have my plane and boat registered with https://www.49dollarmontanaregisteredagent.com Saved me alot of tax money for both. California has a luxury tax for boats and motorhomes that they attach to your property tax bill as a supplimential bill. The hard part mentioned in other posts is finding...
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    Need house to rent in Havasu June 4-June 9

    sent you a message
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    Found a passenger that can handle it

    Do you do alot of pattern work at Ontario?
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    Hi Dave do you or Stacy have a reccomendation for a property manager company so i can rent my...

    Hi Dave do you or Stacy have a reccomendation for a property manager company so i can rent my place to snow birds?
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    Safest vehicles on the road?..

    Take a hard look at the Durango. We went from a suburban and had the same concerns. Good crash ratings, not as big as a sunurban, seats 6 passengers confortably. First Dodge we have owned and are pleasantly suprised with quality fit and finish.
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    Have you checked your blood pressure? Could be a secondary symptom to High Blood pressure
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    What does this mean to you?

    Memorial Day definately means something different to my family than most. My brother was a Blackhawk pilot who lost his life in Afghanistan on a night mission. One of the last conversations we had was he was "doing good things to bad people" he definately died doing what he loved and had the...
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    Traffic school suggestions Riverside Ca

    yep online is your best bet. My wife got on last month 32 in a 25 and it was around 300.00 from Riverside County Sheriff. If i remember it says something on the back of the ticket about what online programs are approved.
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    How many pilots?

    My brother has about 1000 hours and we registered the plane under my LLC and its about 900 a year for him. When i start my IFR training in it i will need to see how thats going to work. I'm probably going to pay a pretty penny.
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    How many pilots?

    i'm a student pilot and have a total of about 25 hrs in a warrior. I bought this Mooney a few weeks ago to continue with my IFR rating after i complete my private.
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    How many pilots?

    only reason to block the tail number is if you fly someone fancy!!!
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    Head on at Topoc?

    Ive been a medic for 20yrs and your 100% correct the thought process has changed because we have been at war for 15+ years and there is well documented case studies with data to back it up that the tourniquet will not cause more damage. Every boater should go on Amazon and spend a few bucks and...
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    Boys and their RC Toys

    Eastvale off of Wineville
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    Private Pilot License Training

    G God i step out drenched after every flight its rough
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    Private Pilot License Training

    nice panel. What kind of plane