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    Thread with regard to Chris

    Congrats Chris. Nice addition to the flock. Please post up a few pics in a new thread.
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    Let’s Roll - 9/11

    The Slap Dick Lefts can keep trying to erase our history but they can't take away of memories and ability to remember that fateful day and what their policies perpetuate. God Bless America! Thanks RD
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    Sand Sports Super Show (The SXS show) - What are you going to buy there?

    I'm up for Foam Monitor. Might need a handful of RDP pasties to plaster. You going Friday too?
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    Labor Day Weekend Lake Havasu Recap Video

    Well done! Good balance of boats and babes Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    My biggest pet peeves

    Cigarette smokers who throw or casually drop their butt or still lit cigarette out of the window. You are an inconsiderate fucking asshole! That’s pushed me to the point of getting out of my car if at a complete stop (red light) after I politely give the sign to roll down your window I throw it...
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    Latest Nordic 28 Heat - Virtual Tour

    Great concept and should really help inmates looking to purchase the same brand/model. May even be helpful selecting gel-coat colors and graphics after seeing it out on the water. So much more positive than the non-boat related threads. Please keep em coming.
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    HEY LAM- I bought me a boat!

    Wow! Persistence Pays
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    Good morning inmates!

    Thanks for carrying the torch Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    So now what's your excuse gonna be??

    Scary shit. The only thing missing was this is the way to integrate human cells with alien. If it is as big as they claim there will be no way to avoid it unless we move to another planet. Lots of reading ahead of me now. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Where is Ritchey

    So stoked you pulled through and got back to your family n friends. Looking forward to seeing you post and getting back to status quo bro.
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    [email protected]$k that hurt.....

    We were playing for my buddies bachelor party and I was just learning. I was swinging in the T box and shanked a worm burner that bounced off the Ladies T box and hit a friend right in the balls over on another T Box. He immediately dropped and lost his buzz. Ended up having to go to the doctor...
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    Anybody in line waiting for their NEW Bronco?

    I was at the Ford Dealership today and asked for my sales guy whom sold me my first boat but he was out. They had the new full size Bronco on display only so, “not for sale”. I asked all of the sales kooks standing around a few questions about the suspension and roof. They couldn’t answer any of...
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    Thanks RD great pics. Hard to get those images out of my head next time I paddle out. I am terrified of anything that has been around longer than humans and survived thousands of years (Sharks, Alligators/Crocs) with one exception "Clowns".
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    Where did you do this at?
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    Havasu Car Wash

    When I was at Car Toyz a month ago I asked the greeter that assist you in making your selection and she stated the starting wage was $15 and change to start. Not enough to buy a house and new car but decent for a first job. She mentioned she was happy working there. Sent from my iPhone using...