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    Eliminator Open House and After Recommendations

    No fing way dont do that. Its disgusting in there.
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    Repealing Prop 13

    When it passes im sure it will cause another big movement out of California
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    Free Havasu Time Share

    I have a buddy that might be intrested if hes not.
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    Your first boat.....

    87 eliminator.
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    Before and After

    Triples for sure
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    New buggy after 18yrs of being buggyless

    Awesome picture. all the fast guys ran those double stacked paddles. Alot of great memories from those days.
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    [WTB] Looking for a K5 blazer or Jimmy

    1990 5.7 350 auto 4x4 Just your basic driveable k5 Power windows and door locks Deavers and Kings in the back May come with king coil overs for the front Has foxes on the front now BFg projects on it with one red label spare lol I put the rough stuff so there's no surprises not sure if this...
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    auto fold up truck steps. which ones?

    So obviously amp is the go to the for the steps I have them on one truck. Contemplating putting them on my other pick up. Question is has anybody installed them themselves?
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    Cole 250s mcob

    Hopefully we won't have to drag this back to Texas. But I am excited if I do so to run the Lakes out here. I'll be coming back for it next month.
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    [WTB] Looking for a K5 blazer or Jimmy

    I do know it will pass. a legal one at that. Lol ill have him take a couple pictures and come up with a price.
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    Dallas Investment Property Club

    Hopefully this is only for texas chaperter inmates! Been talking with my brother in-law about doing the same been looking on the other side if the metroplex from yall.
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    [WTB] Looking for a K5 blazer or Jimmy

    What condition are you looking for i have a buddy ready to sale. Mechanically sound lifted paint chipping and fading 3 linked the rear i believe. Hes had it for a couple years and just isn't using it. 2 tone vlue with blue interior. Its an early 90s model fuel infected. Let me know if want any...
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    Will insurance repair or total?

    Swung by our local body shop and his quote came in just shy of $1600 and 27% of vehicle so we're not looking at a salvage title whitch for obvious reasons i didn't want.
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    KOH 2020. Who's Going?

    Ya it was pretty cozy watching the live stream. They do a great job with what there given in that location.
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    YoutubeTV vs. Hulu Live.......Thoughts?

    As far as i know YouTube tv isnt compatible with firestick/Amazon so depending how your streaming you could only be limited to one.