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    Johnson Family vacation!

    It's not so much they are agressive, mostly just stupid. Worst drivers ever, not the smartest flock. Enjoy Utah, lots to see here, good camping also. I assume you got your 30/50 issue figured out, if not, there are a few RV dealers near where you are staying, they will have that plug for sure.
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    Simplifying and downsizing...

    That's some funny shit right there.
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    Chevy Colorado Opinions

    I tow a Wrangler Unlimited, but sometimes I drag the 2018 F150, it's not as heavy as it looks. I was going to get a Colorado, but for the price, the Ford was the better buy and the same weight. The F150 tows behind the Moho easily
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    CarMax in Irvine

    I sold a 2015 Caddy ATS to Car Max, I was there dropping off a friend who had bought a car through them, while we were waiting, they started to ask me about my ATS. I wasn't really planning on selling it, but entertained their idea of an appraisal. I was surprised with the number they came back...
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    Bill Gates is getting a divorce

    I've met both of them, we occupy a few floors in a building they built and financed in Seattle. He was extremely nice every time I encountered him, she is a loon, certified loon. She really thinks she is something, Bill is just down to earth.
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    My moron neighbor.

    Mormons are so heavily programmed, they don't see basic every day things. They all have that withdrawn look, we call them the robots out her in Utah.
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    Tire shine...

    Do it with WD40. My buddy that owes me money got a message on the street in front of his house on the blacktop. Get the can with the flip our 6" tube, you can write or draw on blacktop really well. it stays for a few weeks and washes off sometime later. You can get creative, I drew a giant penis...
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    RV Soap

    Lots of tards out there.
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    Fast N Loud

    Met Dave out riding in the desert a couple times, really nice guy, super helpful to another party that was having trouble. Seen him around town, just a normal guy.
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    RZR Spare Tire Mount/Box- Gravity Motorsports

    This is a R*S*K Customs trunk lid, made in Utah, about $450.00. I have a couple of them on my rigs, I like them alot.
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    Did Ross’ Mr TPC truck get lemoned or?

    I have a new 2020 Ram 3500, the CP4 pump went out on me at 7K miles, there were 8 trucks ahead of me at the dealer getting the fix. The Bosch CP4 pump shits the bed, they replaced it with a new revision CP4 and the entire fuel system, they said it's a 19K to 21K fix. The new 2021 RAMs are now...
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    A Job Offer

    this is right next to my office.
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    Gas cans in SxS's

    Agreed. But with our group, there is always one that doesn't fully fill and we are always helping his family out. Constant issues, never has tools, doesn't do maintenance. We need to leave him home
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    Gas cans in SxS's

    I carry one of those $8.00 transfer pumps from harbor freight, new in the packaging. If someone in the groups runs out, we can transfer fuel from another RZR if needed. cheap, easy and you aren't transporting a bomb.
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    Who received their stimulus check?

    Um, you are probably poor.