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    Sweet brawl

    The other angle is a little better with the idiot Antifa kids trying to use a water bottle as a weapon. But this is the same scuffle.
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    Look What I Found

    That found in your house? Where are you located? :eek:
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    Sweet brawl

    I liked this additional view of the event. I like when the one skinny antifa guy stands up and goes to hit the patriot guy with a bottle. LOL like that is going to hurt. Then he is taken down.
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    It’s a go? Desert Storm

    Sorry to hear of the health issue, It is totally understandable, everyone needs to do what THEY are comfortable with for their lives.
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    It’s a go? Desert Storm

    Like the President said yesterday. All they need to do is have a “Patriot Peaceful Protest” that day on McCulloch. No masks needed no matter what the city says. :aniteef:
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    Spare tire removal fail

    Yeah, things are a little different these days with standard equipment. I typically do a dry run when I get a new vehicle to be sure everything works and I have everything needed. Try and teach that to your 20 year old kids that always drive your vehicles that are maintained. I cringed to...
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    It’s a go? Desert Storm

    Woohoo!!!!! The wife and I were just talking about it last night. Looks like our travels will line up nicely to be in town that week. Who would have thunk’d it?
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    Lets see you're garage

    He is cute as hell. If he was over 21 he could look a lot like at least one other member here. Bright clothes, missing one slippah (flip flop for the rest of you guys) and a stagger like he has had a few adult beverages already by noon. Now that I think about it I could be one of those...
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    I-10 will temporarily drop to one lane between Palm Springs and Beaumont

    No, I don’t know...what do they say?
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    Lets see you're garage

    Currently nothing worth posting. Hoping that we will have the new RV garage completed some time next year....
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    Lost my Bob

    Such a bummer. Best to you at this difficult time!!! Any pics of Bob?
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    WOW! Even in Los Angeles! This is GREAT!!

    Yeah, At first I thought that they were walking on the red flipping people off. Watched again and realized the person in the car was honking and flipping off the patriots. THEN the patriots flipped her off In return. The issue that I see is that some people will only see the patriot doing the...
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    I-10 will temporarily drop to one lane between Palm Springs and Beaumont

    thanks for the heads up. yepp, confirms what Vin said yesterday. :aniteef:
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    Odd or Dumb Stuff You Collect.

    Your‘s only, other’s only OR any and everyone’s?
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    Halloween Already?

    looked like people have been trick o treating in big cities for a few months now. :looking: