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    Their End Game

    Great Gmac is going to make sure that RDP political posters get twice the values. What about those of us who don’t social media?
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    And The Commies Are Out In The Open-Masks

    Just had on the news that here in Hawaii 94% of the population are good sheep and wear masks. I need more RDP members to come on over to help de mask this place......
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    Heat Pump Thermostat Batteries

    Even if it is only 2 months old aNd not been used yet? Then what interval?
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    Is there a new law I don’t know about

    The law also includes rain here in the islands. :cussing:
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    Simplifying and downsizing...

    😢 I have not even been able to start on the starter pack. LOL
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    Just got the shot.

    LOL. Went to Ala Moana And then CPK maskless.
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    Just got the shot.

    I’d take his contact info if you want to PM me. We will be back in town and would be willing to get our vaccinations in order before my return to Hawaii in August. 👍
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    How stupid can you be?

    :werd: I have heard that in addition to the unbelievable towing capacity of the F150s they will also resist a gasoline or other IED explosions within 20 feet of such device. :looking:
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    MAGA Time!!!!!!!

    That is their MO so it would not surprise me one bit!!!
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    What's wrong with these drains?

    Must have been the same plumber that did my house in Havasu. :looking:
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    The first or second?
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    Cool wall art store

    https://legendarywallart.net/. Links for the lazy like me. :aniteef:
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    So my wife says..

    You mean a Mansulator?
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    AZ ballot audit is happening now!!!!

    Not reliable enough. Even if it was there is still not enough fraud. :cussing:
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    AZ ballot audit is happening now!!!!

    Same reason as Kilery and her server dumps......