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    Got an IRA?

    I was told years ago by a financial planner the IRA was the poor man's retirement plan and would eventually get taxed out of existence. Looks like he may have been right. He advised me to play in the big pond where the wealthy and the politicians play, they will never tax themselves, only the...
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    Australia, changing tides

    "no 70 year old women to push around". Indeed. The videos of the police down there accosting people is sickening. Good to see the men standing up. Some cops down there need their teeth kicked in to remind them who they work for. Talk about a powder keg.
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    Watch before it’s deleted

    Whoa....this is profound! Reid is well connected in DC, what does she know? I've been saying for weeks now that they are not going to be able to hide the truth much longer. Maybe we're getting close to them admitting the vaccines were a swing and a miss. Oh, and by the way you might die from it...
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    Pretty soon, the "experts" will begin talking about a "soft landing" like they did in 08.
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    Stock market today….oh oh

    IMO - they will just take what they need from whomever they want. Look at what they did to Jack Ma from Alibaba.
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    Add 2 more to the list.

    My sister and her daughter both hospitalized with Covid. They both work in a nursing home, no Covid issues until they were both fully vaccinated 10 days ago. Coincidence? Who knows. Both are smokers and in terrible overall health. I’ve been telling them to clean up their act because Covid would...
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    Don’t Bend the Knee

    YES!! We need more of this! My body my choice, remember libs?
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    Finally Some Sanity From the FDA?

    In other news .......Biden threatens FDA with drone strike.
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    Uh Oh, Nicki Minaj Enters the Chat

    I'm going to end every post from now on ........you dirty hoe. FWIW - I always thought it was spelled HO, not HOE, but what do I know? I'm just a 50 year old white boy with no street cred. Carry on you dirty hoes.
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    This Is What Happens When They Take Your Guns

    This is surreal to watch. Unfortunately we are no better, we are right behind them with the freedom pass and our southern border has been dissolved. We are headed down a dark path my friends.
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    Biden Cuts Shipments of Life-Saving COVID Treatment to Florida

    MAB is old school proteins attacking proteins, if I had to choose, I'll take the MAB.
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    Ok all you health nuts out there

    Good luck man! Lots of good advice here, so here is my 2 cents.....Write down everything you eat or drink. Record calories and total carbs. It sounds lame, but seeing your totals at the end of the day really helps it sink in. For me, if I keep my calories below 1600 and my carbs below 100g, I...
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    Lance campers...

    Unfortunately didn’t take many construction photos, but here’s a couple. Pretty easy project but a lot of work. The extra space is nice for sure. I used all Torklift tie downs and super hitch assembly so I know it’s tied down properly. I wanted to make it look like a small custom moho, I think...
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    Lance campers...

    Thanks for the compliments, I built a custom flatbed then framed in the sides with 1x1 and 2x1 square tubing. The bins themselves are made from aluminum sheeting fastened to the tubing, then I sheeted the exterior with sealed plywood topped off with Filion fiberglass skin bonded to the plywood...
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    So I'm here pondering

    As I posted in my tin foil hat thread, almost everyone knows someone who either died or was injured by the shot, they can’t hide it much longer. I think the truth will likely be revealed by Europe or Israel.