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    2022 Desert Storm video number 2 Street Fair

    "Great-Job" !!!
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    What are you listening to, right now?

    Great Classic Ozzy !!!!! Love it.
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    Lets see those boats

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    Perspective : Thank you for your service :

    LowRiver2 .... Never met you. But ..... Thank you for your honor and service to the people! The Great US is full of ungrateful idiots in so many ways these days. I get it, trust me! I would back you up and your law bruthas any time anywhere. "Most" RDP members would do the same I truly...
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    King of the square bodies in my driveway

    Another C10 Square Body SWB that you may see occasionally driving the roads of Havasu here and there. My 78 C10. Btw .... I would be willing to sell it. Everything is for sale for the right price as the saying goes!
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    Car Shipping Advice- Tucson to O.C or Havasu

    Tim is AWESOME!!! He will take care of you for sure. I have used him twice now. Both times shipping from Seattle area to Havasu. Both Nice custom's rides that he took great care of. A 66 Chevelle Malibu and a 78 Chevy C10 short box truck.
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    Well this is awesome, NEXT

    Yes it has a Navy Base affiliation within the fences in areas. NUWC / NAVSEA (Undersea Warfare Station Annex) I spent many weeks in the middle of winter in a few of those bunkers back in the early 90's Snow the entire time I was there and Cold AF!!! Good times ... Ha!
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    Tow Boat U.S. vs Sea Tow

    "Considering Havasu Only on the two options" ( Sea Tow -or- Tow Boat US ) Which One is the Better of the Two if you had to pick from anyone with prior experience of their over-all services?
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    Well this is awesome, NEXT

    I have been on Shemya a hand full of times (mid / late 90's) .... Interesting place for sure!!! Landing there was always a fun experience to be had. I worked on the Rock (Adak Island) for two years during the BRAC Shutdown. The history of those Islands are very interesting to say the least.
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    Huge Explosion in Lebanon

    There are going to be 100's of Deaths from this mass explosion!!! The numbers of dead are going to keep racking up as rescue and clean-up go on now. Terrible situation. RIP to the innocent lives lost in this.
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    Square Body

    Chevy C10 Square Body Trucks will just keep going up in Value $$$ I love mine! Cant go wrong with a C10.
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    Did Chaz Get Shut Down?

    "Well, the flu will end, civil war will start. " ..... Exactly what I have been telling a few as well. But, they mostly look at me like I am the crazy one! Ha ha .... Guess time will tell. I hope you and I are both wrong!!! but ... idk by the way things are moving along. I think shit is...
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    Howard. 255 VTX

    Now that is One Sweet Ride right there!!! Amazing Boat you have. Congrats!
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    RC Boat Race London Bridge

    I Spent A Little Time There Yesterday To Check It All Out. Its Worth The Time To See For Sure! Just A Few Pics Of Whats Out There To See.
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    Car shipping

    Tim @ Motorshippers is the guy to use for vehicles and motorcycles & more for sure!!! I have used him twice now in the past year shipping two custom classic's (66 Malibu & 78 C10) from Wa. State to Havasu. Great Guy and Great Service and Communication. A+