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    Nevada Deer/Elk Etc. Tags

    5th year of no draw for me here in NV.
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    Look whats comming back to Havasu...

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    Look whats comming back to Havasu...

    A friend of mine Larry owned that boat before the herbst. Ive been out in it when the herbst owned it with Racey and Carl Brooks (RIP). Racey has pics of Carl Brooks water skiing behind it. The gal painted in the hatches still lives in BC. lol
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    2018 F350 Lariat Ultimate

    If this sells for that price let me know. lol
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    2018 F350 Lariat Ultimate

    Damn, what's my 19' F350 Platinum with 26k miles worth!?
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    The wastewater that comes from the treatment plants in Vegas gets cleaned and dumped back into lake mead for things called "credits". This allows Vegas to pull more water then they were originally allowed because they are putting water back in. I find it hard to believe for every gallon of water...
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    Show me your bow lights

    As the Brummett is nearing completion I am wondering what people do with putting bow lights on their custom boats. My Brummett has no holes or bow light now. old owner just used a suction cup type one. I know all about the pop up ones but was curious if anyone has made a badass custom one. Or...
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    Old Cig

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    Old Cig

    @Racey might know the name of the pump.
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    Old Cig

    My old flat bottom had mechanical injection. Its actually the same set up in @Racey flat bottom, his is a Chevy and mine was a hemi. Ran a mechanical fuel pump from a diesel and had diesel injectors from like an '78 mercedes diesel. Little hard starting but once you got it fired up it idled and...
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    Lets see those boats

    21 Brummett. Still under construction. Stock 454.
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    NASCAR on dirt this weekend

    Anyone a little excited to see the race this weekend in Bristol? Should be interesting on the dirt.
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    So I made mention of a new magic box

    Do new movies automatically populate in the movie section, does it automatically update or do i need to download something again to get new content. I bought the upgrade to an old box if that matters.
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    Your stupid, bad habits?

    I also have a guy that smokes a pack a day and probably drinks 8 blue berry red bulls a day. lol Just to be fair i chew way to much of those camel snus packets. We all have our thing.