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    Daycare....MaK got the rona

    Hoping for a speedy recovery, nothing worse then seeing your child sick or in pain.
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    I look at this everyday

    Ahhh, what's the worst that can happen if you buy it Dave?
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    First trip out was a success, well for me.

    Its an IO. @Racey had the OB one.
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    First trip out was a success, well for me.

    So my 2 year project came to the point where I can drive it. Went out at mead on Sunday and the boat ran flawless. No leaks, no drips, no nothing. Boat ran like a top. Had a great day other then my sister losing her footing getting into my boat at the ramp and breaking her foot. But she hang the...
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    lake mead boat ramps...

    During the week i think your fine as far as the wait goes. Dont know about length of boat. I waited 2 hours to get off the lake Sunday night.
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    When she tells you she wants a faster boat dad makes it happen!

    Now lets see the video with the look on her face!
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    She's finally DONE!

    Awesome man. Should be down there the second week of October.
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    She's finally DONE!

    Brummett 21
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    She's finally DONE!

    Yea, I just got a 330 horse 7.4. It has a 23 pitch on it now. We will see soon.
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    She's finally DONE!

    What motor do you have in yours?
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    She's finally DONE!

    This has been a 2 year project for me and it wouldn't of happened without @Racey . She's all back together. Ran it on the hose and is ready for her shakedown run on the lake. I can't wait. Thanks again Racey.
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    1998 Carson Brummett 21. Twin Turbo EFI Brummett V-Drive. Must See!!!

    I think @Racey said something in the low 20's.
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    Extra Dam Run Shirts for sale!

    Pull me aside a XXL shirt and tank top. Ill walk over some money tonight.
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    Well this is interesting...

    Seems like global warming brought more snow earlier and later in the season after 1980. Unless the data just isnt there for those months.
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    Newest video from Alaska

    Pretty cool. I just got back a week ago. The red fishing was the best ive ever seen it.