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    Dave, what is your go to for an ass washer?

    Its cold but it doesn't phase me. They also make a heater deal but I dont have an outlet. And honestly I probably wouldn't buy it if I had an outlet. You get used to it and before you know it, its hard to shit without one. I bought mine at the very beginning of covid cause of the whole tp...
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    Dave, what is your go to for an ass washer?

    Here is what I have and love. Made in Boulder City NV. Priced good and not all that fancy buttons and stuff. https://www.amazon.com/Biffy-UNIVERSAL-Bidet-Non-Electric-Adjustable/dp/B009VN4PA8
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    Saw one of the coolest Howards ever in parker last weekend

    Saw this boat at foxes on Saturday. Thing looked sweet. My friend new the owner and he sent me a couple pics because I didnt have my phone. Said it was a 21' with a marathon botom and a social deck I believe.
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    Whats everyone paying for SiriusXM?

    Time to negotiate my yearly premium and I want to know a number to tell them. Whats the lowest everyone is paying?
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    Sexy AF

    Stop! I can only get so hard.
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    Trump parade

    Thanks! It was a awesome event.
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    Auto meter guages

    Probably not then. thanks
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    Auto meter guages

    Are they all correct for stock merc sensors?
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    Nevada - Am I able to dine inside a restaurant?

    Also cant seat parties greater then 6 at one table. Bar tops are closed.
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    Oscillating Tool vs. RotoZip Tool

    I'd buy a corded one as well.
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    Oscillating Tool vs. RotoZip Tool

    If your doing a full house demo I dont know how either of those tools would help all that much. But if your say just demoing a room or a wall those oscillating tools are pretty handy for cutting drywall in a straight line. As well as handy in doing some finish work too. The rotozips work good...
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    [WTB] Rzr doors

    Worst ad ever! Hes looking for black XP Pro stock doors. Really just the plastics.
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    ARE Truck Caps...any connections or suggested dealers?

    I bought a brand new one for my ford a year ago. Just be careful of installing it. Mine comes a cunt hair from hitting the paint in a couple places. Plus its tight at the corners and on the middle has a bigger gap.
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    coors light

    Thats funny, I had a BBQ at my house last weekend and everyone came over with Miller lite cause the 7-11 by my house was out of coors light. We were wondering if there was a shortage.