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    My parents did and it was the only time I completely came unglued with them, and my family line is pretty well traced. If you do this you sold your soul and lineage to the figurative satan and the data base.
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    video: went wide-open in my turbo boat it was awesome!

    Moar booosts! Send it!
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    Send it Joe!

    That's why I posted it here
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    Good bye BRP Outboards

    Sad day...
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    Send it Joe!

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    shit is going down in minnesotta......multiple vids

    Send in the B-52's
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    No Mention On CNN?

    Replying to @RealJamesWoods and @SeaRavenPress Well, they are definitely hiding his name, and I think I know why. I checked the Detroit and Michigan papers and TV stations and they are all soft-peddling this story and not mentioning the criminals name. I found out they had him "temporarily"...
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    For the V-Drive Fanatics

    There is no way I could bring myself to drill holes in that.
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    Good Lord

    Every day is a weekend in Rona times.
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    Words and Phrases That Really Get Under My Craw

    Well Dave might still have the China Buffet virus, so he can slide..;)
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    Words and Phrases That Really Get Under My Craw