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    2023 Ford Raptor gets a HUFFER V-8

    Just in time for $8 gas. Where was this shit 3 years ago ? Idiots !
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    Elon Musks Crash Course

    Elon will be dead soon. If I was him I would have highly paid armed security around me 24/7.
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    $40 B to Laundering Machine

    Fuuuucckkkkkk Ukraine.
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    $40 B to Laundering Machine

    Lots and lots of Rinos.
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    Stock Market, where’s the bottom?

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    More UFO stuff

    Meh.. White clashes with green. 👻
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    More UFO stuff

    I have. The UFO creating gravity was just a speculative fun read from some time back.
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    More UFO stuff

    Military radarm, UAV footage, pilot accounts, etc. Craft moves UAV footage showing the craft moving but no heat signature. The government does what it does.
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    More UFO stuff

    Well, the abilities have been seen or documented extensively. Photographs have been fuzzy at best. Speculation on how they move/propulsion and reasons why the photos are blurry seem reasonable to me.
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    More UFO stuff

    It is probable that there are just as many advanced civilizations as there are unadvanced. I ponder what these things actually look like more than anything.
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    More UFO stuff

    Billions ? There are an infinite amount of galaxies.
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    More UFO stuff

    If you have ever read speculation on how the crafts move they manipulate gravity around the craft hence making photos extremely blurry. They are essentially sitting in a sphere of anti gravity and they create gravity in the direction they want to move. Makes sense why they are hard to photograph...
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    Oompa Loompa Off the Rails Already

    What a stupid bitch.
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    The "UFO" Hearings!!

    They are real. Its mathematically guaranteed.
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    Fuel Prices = Corporate Greed

    Its going to get ugly for everyone. Might as well rip the band aid off interest rates and let them go to 25% while their at it.