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    Ghetto people and their habits

    Welcome to the future and only going to get worse with a very bad outcome ….. Thanks liberals.
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    Guisti’s fire

    You are correct even if they passed all the permits the building cost would be prohibitive. All considered flood zone, so just the elevation structure for the building probably puts it over the top.
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    Guisti’s fire

    Damn shame the Delta continues slow decline. Grew up on Bethel Island in the 60s seen the delta go from the peak to slow decline. What a neat deal as a kid, water skied everyday after school from April to November. I was around 12 and a guy was pulling water skiers with a brand new wood deck...
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    2002 Mercury Racing 300x

    Damn Outdrive I want bad….just don’t know about another 100 pounds on a 16 inch set back.
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    Where to sell/what’s a wood boat worth?

    Don’t want to steal the thread…There is an option to have the look with no wood to avoid the constant maintenance. I had a 20 foot Elite Craft https://elitecraft.com/ in the 1980s and sold about 10 years ago for $26k I’ll dig out the pics.
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    2002 Mercury Racing 300x

    How many hours are the rings good for on the 300 X?
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    Where to sell/what’s a wood boat worth?

    All true…..kinda a run of the mill being a Century Restorer plus being a 17 footer hurts. In my opinion, $20K would be all the money for a world class example.
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    Where in Havasu do they sell 100 octane unleaded?

    Havagas has AV 100 octane
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    Best carne asada in havasu? (TOO BBQ)

    Know someone who bought some chips there and came with a deep fried scorpion free of charge. I wouldn’t even drive by that place.
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    Havasu crowds ???

    Until free money and no rent or house payments, shit show will continue. Never seen so many folks in boats that have no clue. It will end with the rise of socialism, unfortunately so will our way of life.
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    U-3 Atlas Van Lines tow truck box van spotted

    Also when I traveled I that area they had a regatta on the Niagara river race of old race boats. Old gold cup boats (precursors) to hydroplanes etc. even had 1960s Bud hydroplane complete with matching box truck painted to match. That may have beef the truck you saw.
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    U-3 Atlas Van Lines tow truck box van spotted

    1000 islands area and the Wooden Boat Museum is down the road in Clayton. Very hip place lots of wooden speed and race boats on display. Also, can take a ride in a triple cockpit Garwood replica for around $30 bucks. Not surprised you saw the truck lots of boating history around that area.
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    Eliminator 34 Eagle

    Seems within range with 496s and lack of financing options due to age. Just sold a 1999 26 Effect 158 hours with a HP 500 for around 50k (boat was mint). The lack of financing options seems to drop values around 20 percent. Cash buyers in this price range makes it a smaller market window. That...
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    Talked to my Dad tonight about his...

    All so cool…..
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    RDP braintrust. Boat opinion

    Yup saltwater it appears