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    Anyone else have to deal with...

    He’s not much better at the office either. We have a pet friendly workplace.
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    Anyone else have to deal with...

    Got this little guy that stays with me almost all day. Bigger ankle biter is at my feet.
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    Quiet day in Riverside County

    What about it... still gotta pay in time to submit claim, drop off car, get rental. Now there will be an “incident “ on your cars auto check, which could reduce cars value. And pretty sure Ins company will still find a way to raise your rates even if it’s covered under you Comp. What about...
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    Quiet day in Riverside County

    So allow a tolerable amount of lawlessness up to felonies only? Pack, or mob, mentally is what they are running on—same as “peaceful protesters”, so the time to make the point is now and upfront before this cheesedicks feel empowered to take it up a notch. Good chance some of this equipment is...
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    Quiet day in Riverside County

    Why is CHP chasing people that obviously are doing nothing wrong in Mexico???
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    What is your...

    That list is long and not something to question...
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    Maricopa, AZ

    Did I really see fried snake?!?!?
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    Maricopa, AZ

    Son has a Lacrosse (LAX) tournament this weekend. Looking for places at eat. Staying in Gilbert, DoubleTree but don’t mind the drive for some good grinds.. Also, anybody need brought to/from Vegas??
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    LAPD Cuts (You still living in Los Angeles?)

    I know standing on MLK in any neighborhood is asking for trouble but at the corner of Obama and MLK you are just asking to get shot and killed.
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    Hero of the day

    The more you steal the less time you do. Company I used to work at-owner embezzled 38MM before the Feds started knocking on doors. Convicted of like 20 counts of bank and wire fraud, blah blah and got 52 months in club Fed. Out in just over 29 months with a 13MM fine. Yes, he’s still a rich man...
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    2020 Stock Market Crystal Ball

    TD Ameritrade is probably the easiest app to buy/sell and who I use for most of my short holds. Also have Charles Schwab account but do not find as user friendly. Account with a Credit Union but that is only PC based.
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    2020 Stock Market Crystal Ball

    Let go about 1500 shares of APHA today. DCA was about 4.65 and sold at $6.05. Picked up between 7/29 and 8/7. Take a small guarantee return. In past I have run with ACB and that jumped big this past two weeks from $4 to just over $11. Right now back around $7. Will hold patiently and see if I...
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    Coming in hot with the trailer a little shallow...

    Yup. I saw it there all the time too. Grew up in La Palma
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    2003 Chevy Suburban 4x4 Quadrasteer

    Sold today for $6300 guy came outta MI to pick it up and drive it home...
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    Nevada Dictator

    Maybe just maybe he will see how little it does to you and will see the light and the bullshit all this is?? Your right—we’re fucked. 2021 is closed too...