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    Met RD today at topock in his slick Avalon with twins!

    I have always thought that Dave was kinda of an arrogant kinda guy. Well i have changed my mind supper nice guy very friendly nice guy!
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    Looking fir a Riverfront here at Rio Buena Vista for sale will to pay a premium I am not a realtor or an Investor! Mark 714 788 1938
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    Mortgage Rate Update

    Trump will pass the negative credit reporting bill i believe! https://nypost.com/2020/03/31/lenders-blocked-plan-to-protect-americans-credit-scores-amid-coronavirus/
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    Business advice needed

    The better boat shops in town turn down your business all day long unless your their buddy. I say go it at any cost and look at the 2 premiere guys in town and copy them. Go big or go home! It takes money to make money get a heloc and go for it nothing better than a new guy in town doing great work!
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    "People" of Lost Angeles

    When the Fed chair get on TV and announces the lowering of interest rates and makes a statement that the Opiod crisis is causing issues with our workforce you know its a problem!
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    Abacos trip rough cut.

    Do the authorities often check for passports when you go to Bahamas from Fort Lauderdale by boat?
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    Havasu boat shop

    I would pay to have it brought to or bring it to Quality Performance Marine in Corona Rob knows his stuff and fixs it fast and reasonably. Been there done that with Havasu guys!
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    Willow Valley, Vacation Home, Decisions!!

    We are using MAAS construction super professional quality builder did all the plans and everything. Right there on HWY 95
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    Molds for sale

    Bought one of those Carrera/Aftershock deals from Ray out there was nothing short of a nightmare dealing with that guy. Took me 2 years to figure out how to get that boat to plane now it nice and runs great thanks to AJ and Rod at Quality and Barrett. Keep a close eye on ole Ray
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    Shockwave regatta

    Although i dont have a shockwave Bob is a class act and rigged my boat as if it was his own and it came out sweet!
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    Stupid people

    It seems to be getting worse as well!
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    Be careful AIR BNB people

    House was burglarized many years ago by a guy in Corona they caught up with him cause he tried to sell some of my valuable 2.00 bills. They couldnt get him for coming into the house but they got him for receiving stolen property and he spent 9 months in jail.
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    Be careful AIR BNB people

    I did inform the authorities they didnt seem to care
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    Be careful AIR BNB people

    So my son has a high school acquaintance thats in and out of jail. Just got out and called my son said he isnt drug dealing anymore wow thats great. Then offers him a new washer and dryer for 400 clearly worth way more than that by his explanation. Now what he does is makes credit cards in the...
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    Good Rain Jacket?

    Its a little pricey but you will not find better quality cold weather water gear than KUIU its high end hunting gear but its lite weight and keeps you warm and dry period....