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    Residential HVAC question

    Can you feel the airflow from the register? Does it feel as strong as others in the house?
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    Flex Alerts - And California Wants To Outlaw Gas Vehicle Sales

    I literally heard them say on the news at lunch today they are asking people to unplug their electric cars chargers!!! OMG to damn funny!!! Have fun Morons... 🤡 🤪 🤣
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    Building a website

    @rivermobster to the white courtesy phone.....
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    Havasu Boat Shop Recommendations

    When I kept our boat in Havasu I always had great luck with JC Marine
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    Can I ask a favor from the inmates

    Done! 🤪
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    What the best thing you bought this year??

    Every damn penny! I giggle a little every time I drive it, and thats daily. I wish I had bought one when I was younger, but the whole money part would have been an issue.
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    What the best thing you bought this year??

    I still cant believe I bought this (I cant believe my wife told me "just do it, you deserve it".)....2020 911 Carrera S.
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    Sprint and T-Mobile suck.

    Ok so now that Sprint and T mobile have merged T- Mobile is the primary service provider, and could not be more F*#ked up. They have my account so jacked they think we are delinquent. Looking to drop them after 15 years of half-assing with the Sprint part of it but now its beyond screwed up over...
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    Section 179 & S-corps

    I run an S corp, and have sec 179 vehicles in the mix,,, you need to call Lee Kimmel at Kimmel Associates CPA. 909-445-8864 or Lee@kimmeltax.com I picked them up from a referal here last year. He's a river person as well, great guy!
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    Is there a shortage on everything? Here’s the list:

    4 month wait for a new Golf cart. 3 month wait on Horse trailers....
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    THE $1400 DOLLAR BID..

    Note to self, raise day rate to $1400 on Monday.
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    4 day vacation ideas

    We are doing Cabo San Lucas for my wife’s 50th and 5year cancer free in July.
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    Yea.... I'll just leave in the morning.
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    Street Fair live coverage???

    Like it says,,, Any live coverage the street fair for those of us stuck in a office? Some on please show us what we are missing. Thanks-Dave