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    Been there...done that. Cost me more in the end. Thought I'd save a bunch of money and be happy with the 900 4 seater. Convinced myself I was happy until I rode in a 1000. Could sell the 900 fast enough. Cost me more in the end. Go 1000 for sure..
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    Spotify / Pandora - Download Music?

    What are you looking for? I've got about 10 playlists but everyone's taste is different. It is super easy to create a playlist though. You could easily build a playlist of 30-50 songs in less than 30 minutes. Go to your Library then hit Create Playlist. Name your playlist, then hit Add...
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    Armed off-duty firefighter halts armed suspect at Walmart in Missouri

    He's lucky he didn't. Based on the circumstances it would be difficult to justify. The idiot was technically within the law to open carry and no shots had been fired.
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    Armed off-duty firefighter halts armed suspect at Walmart in Missouri

    After seeing this story, I checked Missouri gun laws. Missouri does not prohibit the open carrying of firearms, but does prohibit exhibiting “any weapon readily capable of lethal use” in an angry or threatening manner in the presence of one or more persons. Mo. Rev. Stat. § 571.030.1(4)...
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    Dog Shock Collar

    I have found them to be very effective. However, make sure the controller is out of reach of children and a father in law with dementia that likes pushing buttons. Trust me, I know. Poor dog. There are several kinds. Some that activate with barking and some that are remote controlled. I...
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    Acceptable Prop Slip

    Thanks for the input. Speed is GPS. If any of the variables is off, it could be the rpm, 4900-5100 rpm all looks the same what at WOT. I guess the prop could be off a little too.
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    Acceptable Prop Slip

    I have a 2005 Carrera 257 Party Effect with a 496HO. I'm wondering what is considered good prop slip at WOT (5000). It looks like I am at about 8%. Not sure if this is in the good range. Also, does prop slip change based on load. In other words, does slip go up with more passengers and gear?
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    Is this guy high??? Or are used boats really this expensive??

    https://orangecounty.craigslist.org/boa/d/riverside-257-carrera-deck-boat/6878507937.html I have a 2005 Carrera 257 Party Effect, so please no Carrera bashing. But is this boat really worth anything close $85K?
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    SxS off roading in Sedona

    Broken Arrow is a must see. Not a long ride, but fun. Some fun rock crawling obstacles. There are go arounds on the difficult ones if that's not your thing. We also rode to a trail head and hiked to devils bridge, also worth seeing. We did three days of off-roading there last fall. I...
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    best gps for offroad

    A few weeks ago I bought the Magellan TRX7 CS from Rugged Radios. Love it!!! I've been using a 2nd gen iPad with the Dual Bluetooth GPS. I used Leadnav for navigation. Loved it. So easy. Just have to download maps of where you are going while you have wifi. I wanted something that had...
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    In-home pet sitting question

    Thank you all for your input. When discussing this with long time friends, they said their teenage daughters would be happy to take care of them. They will show up at 5pm and feed them dinner. They will spend the night and can leave for the day after they give breakfast around 8am. They can...
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    In-home pet sitting question

    Southern Bali. We are staying in a VRBO villa. https://www.tripadvisor.com/VacationRentalReview-g1219108-d6849215-Villa_Green_ty-Ungasan_Nusa_Dua_Peninsula_Bali.html It's close to Uluatu. Gonna surf every morning.
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    In-home pet sitting question

    We have a 13 day vacation planned...Bali. We have someone that will house sit and care for 3 Yorkies, 1 indoor cat and and outdoor tortoise. The cat and tortoise require zero interaction. Just keep the cat food topped off and the litter scooped. Tortoise gets some lettuce every other day...
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    What kind of watch do you all wear?

    Omega Seamaster Chronograph. It's been my everyday watch for over 12 yrs.
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    Leaving RV at the river - Leave the AC on?

    I'll give this a try, but it is a little above my skill set.