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    [WTS] 1995 Hallett 240 Open Bow

    95% of people don't want two pontoon boats either............ 2FF, maybe you are THE huckleberry?
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    Current Situation - a picture thread

    Where are you getting your trees from? My brother owns Thrive Nursery in American Fork. I can get you a good deal if you need more.
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    Twin Turbo Schiada

    Brummett do the motor or just sell him a turbo kit or neither? Figured you would know.....
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    Looking for an Electrician

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    Looking for an Electrician

    I run a small cabinet business in SoCal. My last three electricians have moved or retired or both. Does anybody have a referral? I know it is dicey to ask that on a forum:D. I need somebody that can run power and connections in industrial shop for machinery and other odds and ends. Thanks...
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    Had a pretty good day yesterday.. lol

    I was thinking that I have a Hot Rod boat for you but then I read this post...... I don't think the 240 meets your requirements :D, though I know you could afford it
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    [WTS] 1995 Hallett 240 Open Bow

    Not quite yet but getting close.
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    [WTS] 1995 Hallett 240 Open Bow

    Sometimes I think........why am I doing this?.......🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️ It's getting close to leaving the family and I find myself already wanting another big power boat, SMH!!!!!
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    Powell report - for those who don't like the crowds!

    Nice. We stayed on HB in slip at Wahweap from Thursday to Tuesday. Beautiful weather. We go every Memorial and just stay nights in slip. We do daily surfing in Warm Creek and at least one trip up to Dangling. I will say there was a LOT of people in the marina this year. Way more than I've...
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    Dad's 1970 C-10 Short Bed

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    Dad's 1970 C-10 Short Bed

    Recent shots of interior progress
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    Parts bin degreaser?

    I can buy lacquer thinner and kerosene at HD by the gallon. What more do you need? What is the definition of "good solvent"? I have my Dad's solvent tank with a pump and parts shelf. Lid seals to keep the kerosene stank inside. It's been empty for a few years, don't need it as much now...
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    Anyone get a Covid 19 SBA Loan?

    Haven't heard back yet on my EIDL app. I'm probably going to take 100% of whatever they offer and bet I can use it to get a better return than the interest I'll pay out. I could buy $200k in new equipment right now and on top of that pay off the $200k in our current equipment loans that are at...
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    Toys at the airport (SBA)

    HAHA, didn't even see the RZR.
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    WTB Hallett 240

    Yeah, I don't know the guy, totally trust he's as you say. It was just a joke, not meaning to throw any disrespect, just joking around........