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    Happy Birthday to Me

    Well if it makes you feel better, I walked in and cast my vote to recall him. Good riddance to that piece of garbage ….
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    Feel It???

    Fake News! It didn't really happen. The Democrats just want you to think there was an earthquake to distract you from the recall election!
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    As Long As We're Ranting... Cali Mileage Tax Extended

    What was your agent's response? lol
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    Havasu New Internet Service?

    Following .....
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    Fight Club

    Good thing I didn't blink. Would've missed the main and co-main events ..... exactly how I expected it to go. Tito needs to stay out of the ring. Wouldn't mind seeing Vitor and Tyson go at it next ......
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    Looking for a witness

    You have a photo of the CF #s, pretty easy for LEO to find the owner and check for damage consistent with hitting your friends boat. They will give you his info and your friend can take them to court.
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    How would you read this?

    Hello Nevada, welcome to the California way of life. Those that prepare, work hard and are responsible, will have to give to the unprepared, non-working, irresponsible people. The "haves" must take care of the "have nots". You have power so you must give it to those who do not.
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    My biggest pet peeves

    Maybe try not paying attention to the guy in the porn you are watching? Then you wont know if you blow your load at the same time. 👍
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    Badass Wrought Iron Gate Made In Havasu

    When I was searching for someone to do some iron work, a couple people told me Masonry and More sub the iron work out to Armor Fence? I am not sure if it is true or not but I figure it must be or they would not have said it right?
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    Bringing some Facebook to Rdp

    I am not an expert historian of the "Wild West" by any means. But, I am pretty sure Tombstone did not confiscate weapons unless you violated the ordinance against carrying your weapons within the city. You were still free to own weapons and you were still free to carry weapons, just not carry...
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    This weeks RDP Real Estate Thread!!!

    If Havasu dries up, I will keep my paid for boat tucked nicely in the garage and use the paid for Can-Ams all over that wide open desert until the biblical rains return and I can boat again! ;)
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    This Douchebag is all double Talk

    He really is a piece of garbage. Disgraceful.
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    So now what's your excuse gonna be??

    I don't have an excuse. I just don't want it and am not going to get it. Maybe it will keep liberals at least 6 feet away from me!
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    A note from Stagecoach:

    But the statement put out by the promotor said in part "it was up to us to take a real stand on vaccination status" said Jay Marciano COO of AEG and Chairman and CEO of AEG Presents? The COO and General Counsel of AEG Presents added in part "using our platform to take a strong position on...
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    A note from Stagecoach:

    Anyone else getting an error message when following the link in the email for refunds? Seems like the refund system may have been overloaded?