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    Thank you, I will be calling him this morning.
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    Thanks for the tip ..... I called him and he answered and is actually going to give me a quote!
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    Thanks Boat 405, I will give Jesus a call today.
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    I am posting in the Lounge because it gets the most traffic. Can anyone recommend someone to install pavers in Lake Havasu? I am in the final stretch of construction and want pavers installed for the driveway, walkway to the porch and porch area. Not having much luck getting calls returned. Any...
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    Cockroach Infestation at the River!

    There goes the neighborhood ...
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    public docks in the channel question

    I am not positive but I don't think you will get hassled in the channel until after 10pm. You should be fine to beach and eat.
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    Smoker Recommendations

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    Havasu Boat Shop Recommendations

    Absolute Speed and Marine.
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    Outback in Florida....

    I must have read a different article? The link for the article I read said she threw bottles at police officers, even hitting one and approached them and once she got to close was tased. Based on the "totality of circumstances" it sounds like a good less lethal use of force to me. 👍
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    Hubcap removal

    Maybe call Billet Specialties or drive to a tire shop?
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    Need Help With a Scam?

    Red Flag
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    Channel public slips?

    Next weekend is going to be even better! o_O
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    Yes, People ARE leaving California

    Sounds like you gave the feedback you are looking for? If all your vacations revolve around RVing and exploring new places, maybe retirement will be buying an RV and travelling the country and exploring? Then you aren't stuck in any one place ….
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    Bill Gates is getting a divorce

    Maybe he was secretly testing vaccines on her and as she became more and more masculine, she became suspicious and caught him and now wants a divorce. It would explain the divorce and masculine look? Just a thought …… not any crazier of a theory than what is being floated out there, lol
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    And she’s a teacher!

    I heard she already lost her job. Cant verify it, but that's the rumor.