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    Tap a talk

    Good luck Dave. I’m sure this is totally frustrating for you and your team.
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    Better than coffee for wake up!

    Who says Dong ? 😂😂😂 you must be Asian 😆
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    Better than coffee for wake up!

    I thought I was gunna see Blow Job. Guess not ☹️
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    Fireplaces let’s see them

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    Personalized Plates

    I have always liked DNTFWME
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    We are working on it..

    No shit, especially on a phone and being 55 does not help at all 🤦‍♂️
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    We are working on it..

    I use to touch my App and BNAG…site opens. NOW I dread opening it knowing I have to click on trucks for 2 pages then see a Oops Page then click the drop down menu, etc. FML 🖕🏼😡🖕🏼
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    Captcha…. Lol.

    Soo bullshit.
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    Wonder if this is Gabby?

    I hope they find him hanging from a tree
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    Boat Storage Cost- LHC

    240.00 40’ lights and power. Keeps the beer cold for when I arrive 😎
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    And today’s self inflicted wound is

    At least it was a clean cut. Must of scared ya though. Is the knife ok?
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    Magic regatta

    Just actually had one a few weeks ago. There is a Facebook Group…Magic Powerboats that organizes them. Todd and Tiffany Leaverton run it. Mostly Tiffany I think. You can join the group and check it out. I think my wife joined it. We were at the river that weekend but didn’t do the Regatta.
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    And today’s self inflicted wound is

    How did you do that?
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    And today’s self inflicted wound is

    I did that also last Christmas. A hole started forming and I thought I had a gopher. Come to find out I drove a stake through the sprinkler line. Real drag. I feel your pain 🤦‍♂️ I’m dreading having to do it all over again this year. But the wife demands it dammit
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    Huge scumbag alert in Laughlin, bullhead, fort Mojave , needles , vegas area and possibly more.

    My buddy always runs fishing line thru his empty beer cans and ties a clip to the end and attaches it to all the shit outside his RV when camping. Thieves can’t see it and it makes a shit ton of noise if they try to steal anything at night