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    Full truck repaint recommendations - SoCal preferably

    curious. Why are the shops not wanting to do full repaints? Seems odd, turning away business in your field.
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    Which one of You Decided to Ghost Ride Your Boat?

    I have the standard merc lanyard. very rarely use. How do i order some of the "kill it safety lanyards" ?
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    Balboa - Newport Pub Crawl - 09.16.23

    looks like such a fun day.
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    Which one of You Decided to Ghost Ride Your Boat?

    wow. how fast were they going? The boat looks to be a Nordic 28. To toss the occupants? something seems amiss. We have crossed some big waves in our 255 but never felt we were going out. Very happy everyone is ok. this could have been soo much worse. That stretch of the river can be...
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    Boat Question

    Hallett 210 would be a really nice entry point
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    Looking for a glove box cover hallett 240

    you may also ask Travis Barron. He may know where there might be some old supply from Hallett.
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    Milwaukee M18 tool combo deal at Home Depot

    I have been looking at this. How well does it do trailer tires ?
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    What’s the best credit card to get?

    It depends on what you are looking for. I use Amex Platinum for most of my CC purchases. Top notch customer service if you ever have an issue with a merchant over a charge.
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    Need help with next boat

    Yes, to protect the area. Especially from sandy bottom coolers. It came with the boat. The company is "Just The Tip Bow Covers"
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    Need help with next boat

    At Pirate Cove. I'm about 5'10". the front of the bow is a little lower than where I am standing.
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    Need help with next boat

    We have a Hallett 255. We absolutely love it. Entering from the nose may not be the easiest. We do it on rare occasion. The 255 handles the Havasu chop very well. The deck boats are a different animal versus a V hull. If going that route, we have always admired the Conquest.
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    Electronic ignition

    this is my take as well. enjoy your 240
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    Am I too fat and old to water ski?

    I'm 57 and still ski. What kind of ski are you using? An old school 65 is much harder versus a newer ski with more surface area. Also make sure the driver is rolling on the throttle pretty aggressively.
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    Drive shower question for the Hallett 210 owners

    it works great. simple design. 20yrs and no drive issues
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    Drive shower question for the Hallett 210 owners

    On our 210 we have a top mount that uses one of the drive bolts. It's maybe one inch above the top of the drive. Clears the platform easy as it's not on the direct edge. In other words the drive is the high point when tilted not the shower. It was installed by Hallett when new.