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    Pizza !

    We really like the pizza @ Mudsharks brewery
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    Custom Ski Tow assembly - Anyone have pics?

    My 210 has the extended ski tow. It was ordered in this config from Hallett. It bolts to the connection point between the engine and outdrive as well as the transom. Its very stout.
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    Does your boat define you? I bought another boat.. lol

    looks like a fun boat. Clean it up a little bit but don't go wild. enjoy it. Then one day pass it on family that will run her for years.
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    wow, that's going to be some house! please post pics of the process
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    Urban Boat Surf Session . . .

    wow, so fun.
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    wanted: Kids Wakeboard gear (age 6-10), towable inflatables , lillypad

    You still looking wakeboard gear? I have a few boards that my kids have outgrown. looking for a new home.
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    Ball hitch breaks and kills dude being pulled out of the mud...

    I assume its similar to blankets etc. Hopefully to slow down the recoil and lessen the snap-back.
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    Ball hitch breaks and kills dude being pulled out of the mud...

    God Bless that man and his family. the hitch pin thru the recovery strap directly is a great tip. When I was a kid we got stuck and some old-timers were winching us out. No blankets available, they put some branches with leaves over the cable
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    [WTS] 1974 Glastron V-184

    love it. I spent a lot of time as a kid in boats just like that. classic
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    Cobra performance REGATTA, we need to get all the new "COBRA" owners together in Lake Havasu for a weekend, any ideas?

    Please continue with HinH. Hallett owners appreciate your support.
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    PoPo off Windsor

    A green cat type hull boat sank. Just off Windsor. We got there as it was still bobbing and helped fish one of the guys out of the water. No vest. No floatation He said hull cracked and started taking on water.
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    Great dual master Santa fe style in house Havasu

    no worries, we have used Destination Havasu for years. maybe next summer
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    What trickle chargers are you guys using for the river house?

    I use Deltran Battery Tenders on my two Optima blue tops. many years, no issues. Plugged in year-round when not on the lake
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    LED trailer lighting

    X2 for Etrailer. I have used them for years