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    Just the bow

    Nacimiento over the 4th... Back in las tablas
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    WTB - 28p prop

    Thank you AZlineman for the prop. I got my 28p on and the boat seems to like it! Good luck duckedup with your prop search
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    WTB - 28p prop

    Sent you a pm with some questions dezert44. Thanks guys.
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    WTB - 28p prop

    Thank you lineman. Unfortunately due to logistics we cannot connect for a few months. So,,, If anyone is headed from Tucson or havasu to SoCal in the next few weeks or so please let me know. I’ll make a prop pickup worth a case of beer, or cash. Definitely need a 28 prop. Thanks!
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    WTB - 28p prop

    Hi there, I’m hoping someone has a mercury 28p prop for a Bravo XR out there for sale. Im in Orange County area and can meet someone between Parker, SoCal, or lake Nacimiento. Thanks!
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    Boat Rental Companies in Parker.... What are my options?

    I can definitely recommend Get Wet. Last year for Labor Day weekend we rented a toon from them. They were friendly and made the rental process easy. They even picked me up and dropped me off from pirates.
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    [WTB] WTB- Howard 28 Bullett

    Thank you. She is very pretty! You slightly lucked out on making a pass on it because we got to run it for all of about 30 minutes last Saturday (first time out with her) before we lost a lifter on the no. 2 exhaust valve. Paul at maxed out was incredible at helping me try to straighten it out...
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    [WTB] WTB- Howard 28 Bullett

    Just bought a 28 bullet from maxed out (the one with checker print on the stern) and they are fantastic people to deal with! Even talked to the owner of the boat and he has been great!
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    Spectra 20 vdrive

    Interested in this spectra. Let us know if still for sale. Thanks.