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    Honest home build time in havasu?

    1 year to get through planning. 12mo to 18mo to build depending on type of build, size, finishes, pool, ect.
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    Questions about ceramic coating ?

    I sure hope it wasn't. And if so, it got the $650 special. The white & blue 33 that eliminator also had on display at DS was a apparently a brand new boat with testing time only. The gel, windshields and accent pieces were in such bad shape the boat looked like it had been used for several...
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    Questions about ceramic coating ?

    This ^. It has a lot to do with the correction, prep as well as the application of the ceramic. Done and maintained correctly, with a quality ceramic product you will easily get several years out of it. Unfortunately there are very few that are actually doing the process correctly, even some...
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    [WTS] SOLD MTI 340X Mercury 450R’s

    Thank you! We are definitely enjoying it. It is a very fun ride
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    Santa Clarita to Havasu

    We were doing the trip from Pismo once or twice a month for quite awhile and tried all the routes mentioned both empty and towing. Time and traffic wise 166, Old River, 58, 40 is the best route IMO. The 166 sucks but the rest of the drive is not so bad. Second choice would be to go 46 to the...
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    Need a septic system replaced in topock

    Try Thomas Backhoe 928-853-8191
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    Speed cars hit the assembly Line

    And it’s boating season. Could care less about off-road shit for the next 6 months
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    Maxed Out Marine 21 Family Cruiser

    I really liked the orange one they sold last year. Would love to have one. This one was listed at $85k. Such a sweet ride
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    Feature Boat 21 Daytona with TWINS!

    Rad boat! I’d imagine it’s a blast to drive. Another great feature
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    Havasu- Recommendation for residential window tint?

    https://www.clean-concepts.com/ This company just did the windows at the gym I go to.
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    Havasu Housecleaning

    https://thecleaningbsaz.com/ Family and Veteran owned, The DeHaan’s are a very nice young Family who run a good business
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    Help Needed - Scottsdale/Phoenix Mechanic

    Boo! Shoot him a text