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    Bloody beers??

    Poormosa. They are delicious
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    Trailer Valet RVR3

    The only issue I had is that it moved too slow. Watch some videos on it, this thing creeps along. I went with this one as it has high and low speeds. Not as compact but definitely moved around better and was less $$$ https://traxdolly.com/product/tx6000-power-dolly/
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    Garbage Disposal Frozen

    I just did the same damn thing lol. Glad I’m not the only one. Took me about 10 minutes to realized what I did. Good looking out lantz👍
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    DIY ceramic coat

    This. Decontamination, refinement and apply Shine Supply Bead Lock. This is a ceramic coating. I’m on my 3rd season with it applied to my boat and it’s still working.
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    best mexican food

    Try their shrimp tacos next time. Damn good!
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    New Trifecta Reveal - She actually did pretty good!

    I was told $308k
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    2006 Ultra Shadow (or any Ultra)

    Compound. Which is what will be used to deal with the oxidation as well. Get it to someone that knows what they are doing.
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    AV gas on north side of Havasu / who has it with long hoses

    I go to Parker oil as is is conveniently located to Windsor ramp. Airport is a bit of a haul. AV gas is currently $4.40 a gallon at Parker oil.
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    I float, box anchor and slide anchor

    I’ll take the slide and box anchors. Where are they located?
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    Storage in Havasu?

    How about valet storage? I know there are a few in town. I am looking for a spot for my pontoon as well.
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    Havasu pontoon rental recommendations.

    Facebook Marketplace has a few private part pontoon rentals listed. Also try Paradise Wild Wave on Industrial. They have boats and sxs’s for rent.
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    Hardin marine water pump in havasu?

    Try Prestige Marine as well
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    I need help, poo eater

    Pineapple works. https://petcarecorner.com/how-much-pineapple-to-give-dog-to-stop-eating-poop/
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    What can yore F-150 tow

    Always in the left lane cruising at 80 ;)
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    Hey LAM new enclosed trailer.

    Very nice! Hopefully you keep it out here in Havasu so I can borrow it ;)