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    PUPS of RDP

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    Do you have a Klein Tools Voltage Tester?

    Nope... Mine is just a pain in the ass...
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    Do you have a Klein Tools Voltage Tester?

    I'll check mine out. It's definitely been a finicky little bastard since I bought it and I need to use it today.
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    Yamaha Rhino?

    That would be it! Hope nobody got hurt.
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    Yamaha Rhino?

    Unfortunately I don't. Just a first hand experience that was a near miss of a tragedy and a dead friend six months before 😢. I'd seriously recommend opening up the mechanism and looking over it at the very least. Both rollover incidents the seat belts unlocked and completely unraveled.
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    California is Open! No Masks Required

    How does the dentist look at your teeth while you are wearing a mask??? 🙄🤣
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    Here, cutie pie, who I just met, here’s my hotel key!

    I'll stick to my low key hillbilly lifestyle and never trust anyone in a big city. Thank you very much. And the ones I have an intuitive thought to give a chance have not a clue that their existence are on a puny string of being dead. The rest I'd give my life for. Including quite a few of you guys.
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    In need of a suburb varmint gun

    C'mon Dave, get yourself a lever action Henry rifle with a Walmart scope and some bird shot then drill the little fuckers when they poke their heads out. If the neighborhood pricks bitch tell them you'd be happy spread castor oil all over your yard and drive them to their place.
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    No shit?! 🤣🤣🤣
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    Father’s Day Gifts

    Sister and I went in on a pit boss smoker. My dad is 76 and wants to try something new.
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    Skatter on Lower River

    ... On my Peter, Whack it off!!! 🤣
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    wonder what shortage is next?

    Probably condoms.... 😁
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    pumping to salton sea

    Yup! I'm pretty sure that I-10 at Dillon road is below or right at sea level. That's a shit load of farm land that provides year round produce sunken forever....
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    Looking for affordable small wedding caterers

    Honestly, having the venue at Havasu Springs was my first choice, that's where I proposed to her. It's the place I grew up going to the river... I spoke with Adam about it a little over a month ago to get the skinny on the situation. He let me know that he and the outer harbor had nothing to do...