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    Why so many 18 wheelers wadded up on i40?

    My Stepmom works the port of entry in AZ on the 10 just past Exit 1. She said over the last year its a whole new breed of drivers. She's amazed that most can even drive a small car let alone a rig. Sign of the times I guess, EVERY industry is struggling to hire good help.
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    Im the "quesadilla guy" out at the river in our park... usually after large amounts of drinking, hahahah. Ill usually take whatever leftovers there is from our group dinners. Tri tip, ribs, taco meat, bbq chicken, whatever dinner was that night usually ends up in a dilla... and Ill make a few...
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    C.R.I.T. BW bankruptcy really !!!!

    If you want proof Socialism doesn't work step onto a rez.... ANY rez.
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    Anyone heard of the Annual Wild Game Feed?

    Ive been going for the last 10 years or so, AWESOME TIME!!! Its hard to get tickets, when I get the notice in the mail I get a check out THAT DAY!!!! I usually get 25 tickets, I take a big group of clients. Everybody was bummed it was canceled last year, hopefully its happening this year. I know...
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    Who's going?

    Damn, that sucks.... I heard it was pretty brutal and a lot of carnage. Not a fan of Barstow, it beats the shit out of your car in the day time, I can only imagine at night. DP4 puts on a good race, but its almost like they look for the toughest 20 (+/-) miles out there. We raced Round 2 in JV...
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    Who's going?

    I wish.... had something planned already. DP4 puts on a good race. I did Round 2, fun race and they had a BIG turn out. Good Luck to your BIL!!
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    Something smells

    I get it... my wife thought I was crazy for saying I could smell the neighbor smoking in his backyard 3 houses down.... I figured out at work in my office that its actually just my smell playing tricks on me. I had the Vid back at New Years, took 2 months to get taste back, and my smell is still...
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    Question for the tall inmates

    F150 with a 5.0 V8, DONE!!! And just a FYI, the F150 and 250s the cabs are the same, no difference other than chassis.
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    Black Rifle Coffee goes Racing

    should have told black rifle that he needs a new mason 4wd if they want him to have a chance at winning. And Atleast 200k for prep each race. which is way more than black rifle can afford. Rumor is he's waiting on one but they are building them for the guys that actually race first... hahahaha.
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    This is a good story :)

    And they say wrestling is fake..... thats some of the REALIST shit I've ever seen.. Great post!
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    Mike Finnegan’s new 21 Daytona!!

    No, but I sponsor that boat. The owner is a good friend and one of my river neighbors.
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    Mike Finnegan’s new 21 Daytona!!

    WOW!!!! That turned out BADASS!!!! Cant wait to see it all rigged and in the water
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    Wifes new toy......65 Bug

    Thats badass!!!! Congrats to her...
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    Big fire in Hualapais

    Is this anywhere near the Hualapai resort??? Such a cool little town. We use to offroad up there from Havasu and stay the night. Prayers sent to the town
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    Hey LeBron, = ?

    THIS!!!! I was working out at Ben Clark Training Center in Riverside a few years ago and the LT took me and my business partner in there for an hour or two. We either got killed or shot the wrong person EVERY TIME!!!!! He could not stop laughing.