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    Speaking of distracted driving.

    Live every like its your last.... This proves that you never know. Sorry for your injuries and grief hope all heal both physically and mentally quickly
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    Texting is dangerous

    I threw a Fresno Bee (Sunday edition) thru a 10' square Plate glass window ................
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    Carnival rides

    Got conned into going to the top of some place in Vegas (Stupackss I think) a few years back where the "ride" was some swirling whirly gig thing that swung out over the fkin building (already 100 feet up ............could not make it to the down elevator fast enough ...rather take my chances in...
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    Best Cordless Sawzall - What should I buy, and where?

    Have had several old school types , newest is a Milwaukie M18 , so far better than beer in cans , small good power !
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    A radical Louis Farakan follower attacked the Capital

    Were dyin to know how the main stream media characterizes Him
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    A radical Louis Farakan follower attacked the Capital

    Louis Farkan follower attacked the Capital today according to the news , Killed one LEO injured another
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    Zillow dealeo

    Zillows Bull shit IMO , has my immaculate 1600 sf stucco and free standing garage on 3 flat acres valued the same as next door neighbors 1000 sq ft one bath 1930's house (same size parcel ) nicest neighborhood in the city
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    What are the odds ? (Mazda 9)

    The lease on the wifes 18 Mazda expires this next week , Daughter flew in from SD to buy out the vehicle , today Rhondas driving the 18 ( with 17000 miles) , Headed down to Coles CP Mazda to sign on the 2012 and the nav screen goes fubar ??? ;) fortunately its covered under 3/36 (till next...
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    For Tesla "hot rod sound"

    Soon available for E Harleys motor cycles , golf carts and Prius
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    What can yore F-150 tow

    My 2.7 ecoboost will haul 8 bags of recycle beer cans and still 0 to 80 before the end of the on ramp... Duh
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    Legitimate repair estimate as compared to value or "replacement value" I suspect
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    Life is like a box of fukn chocolates

    Thoughts and Prayers to you folks
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    Three AM , wake up WTF?

    NO DESSERT !! WTF ?? Beer OK ;)
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    Three AM , wake up WTF?

    Twice a nite too , not the dump though , Metamucil seriously changed my life , Dr tryed years ago to get me on it now its a "religious deal"
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    Three AM , wake up WTF?

    Mine was/is high and may likely have an effect but I take 3 BP meds , some at bedtime , I just went to a "head shop" today and got CBC tincture , Daughter is on last stretch of Her Physiology degree says threes some evidence CBD might help swear it gives me Crazy weird dreams (known side...