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    This place is smokin!

    Looking around in the freezer yesterday and this called my name. Smoked it up today with some apple wood. Came out great.
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    Happy 4/20!!!!!

    Coffee and a couple pre rolls 😋
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    good morning inmates

    Good morning
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    Nice ditching in Florida

    Forsale and ran when parked. Lol
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    Happy birfday AJ AKA Lucky Strike

    Happy birthday
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    Sexy Saturday & Sunday

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    Doge coin

    Fucking RH .... trades might not be executed..
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    70th Anniversary

    Congratulations to them . My parents hit the the 56 year mark last month
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    2021 Stock Market

    To the moon lol
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    good morning inmates

    Good Thurs morning
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    2021 Stock Market

    I have an order in for 10 at $275 . It will probably blow right past me.
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    Need Positive Thoughts And Preyers Please

    Good luck, hope your not in much pain.
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    good morning inmates

    Good morning
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    good morning inmates

    Morning all