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    Havasu Home brewers

    Got it all setup through a Raspberry Pi
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    Havasu Home brewers

    Not in Havasu but just finished my 3 vessel and brewing on Tuesday. Sent from my SM-G981B using Tapatalk
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    So.....where might be a good place to live for 6 months out of the year over seas

    Australia [emoji57] Sent from my SM-G981B using Tapatalk
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    Trump & CV-2019, open the Country?

    Well if people got out of the road of the own dame ego and do as their same told. Maybe the systems they put in place may have had a chance of working. My 2 year old doesn't carry on as much. We'll be reaping the rewards of our hard work next week when we lift our restrictions to level 2.
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    Trump & CV-2019, open the Country?

    They've got 60 odd cases now. They have the ability to squash that's sucker completely out and keep it out. We're doing the something. I'd quite happily sit on my hands for another month and know that we can go back to some normally without any issue.
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    Great Depression Era Unemployment

    It amazes me how the American government has royally screwed this whole covid thing up. Here in Oz we're going to come out of it not to bad, it'll be the collateral damage from everyone else going down that'll hurt us. I haven't heard anyone lose there job yet. They may have been stood down but...
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    Who's actually out of work?

    I'm still working. Wife's down to 20hrs every fortnight (2 weeks). The governments handing out $400 a week welfare over here for people out of work which is better than what she's getting now.
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    COronaVIrusDisease - 2019 - Projects - What are you making or fixing? - Pics

    Pulled this one out from under the tree might finish it this time.
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    COronaVIrusDisease - 2019 - Projects - What are you making or fixing? - Pics

    Brewing beer. Picked home grown hops this week. Made a bit of a start building my 50L brew rig. Currently only doing 28L
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    Thoughts on this

    Its the media making a story and someone has a conflicting view. They did it with climate change, terrorism, politically correctness. Its the same beast just with a different head. They'll probably call them virus deniers or some shit and bleed about how its counter productive to what's going...
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    Thoughts on this

    Shows how little attention I've been paying Sent from my Kogan Agora 9 using Tapatalk
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    Thoughts on this

    Is this just poor reporting and someones actually done some backround checks and called BS. I'm still erring on the side of caution but makes me think is this virus a bit of a over reaction. I'm in a constant cycle of yes this shits real to no its all media driven hysteria.
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    5G, Good or Bad??

    I've got my radiation handlers ticket here in Oz because we go a few radioactive sources at work we gotta maintain. The guts of it is theres not enough energy in the 5g wave length to penetrate and damage the cell walls of our body (non ionizing) to cause any mutations leading to cancers, x-men...
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    Promising Results from multiple sources on anti-malaria drug and antibiotic combo as treatments

    I haven't read everyones post n articals but I thought the malaria treatment only suppressed the symptoms.