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    I don’t get the Toon

    Many of us like cars. Is a ‘67 fastback mustang cool? How do you feel about the new Mustang Mach-E? Almost nothing to do with each other, right? Pontoons, V’s, performance cats, wakeboard boats, flats…. Depends what your program look like. Pontoons are the station wagons of boats. Pile...
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    LMAO, talk about jumping a Shark

    “Ah, I know it but I don’t think I should say it…”
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    POS 7.3...

    Naw, 7.3’s we’re pre blinker or exhaust fluid 🤪
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    Paid posters

    Haha, Yeah, You know me!
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    Paid posters

    First rule of River Paid Place is don’t talk about River Paid Place. If you want onboard just post up your real name, SSN, and home address. The rest will take care of itself.
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    $17.95 sandwich on the river

    Ha My dad used to tell stories about doing this all the time in Vietnam. He drove a truck and would put his MRE’s in the air filter box before a drive. Bragged he always had a hot meal. Years later Dad died of cancer. Correlation? Who knows. Just sayin’. 😮
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    Raise your hand if you been there…..

    Pro tip: If you drink too much and do something embarrassing, Drink more until you black out. Cant feel embarrassed about what you don’t remember.
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    Glad i'm not in school anymore, the boating test is brutal

    I took it this past year. State won’t require it until next year (for my age). Was home and was bored. Its been a real blessing though. Having the card in my wallet means I can casually flash it at the bar. You know, so the twice-divorced aspiring influencer bartender knows I’m a serious boat...
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    Migraines F^*+ing suck!!

    Spent a longtime trying to manage debilitating migraines. Over the counter meds, caffeine, etc. Doctor turned me onto triptans as @pronstar said. Prescribed a few to find one that worked for me. Dissolving tablets were a must, my migraines usually made throw up. Then they put me on a...
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    California Will Start Testing for ECU Tunes During Smog Checks Starting Next Week

    Hmm. Not sure what tunes will or won’t get you in trouble. I imagine they’re out for specific tuner brands. I have a 2006 Dodge Cummins 5.9. Has a Banks Six Gun System on it. The Banks tuner is supposed to be CARB compliant, or was. I know for fact because Banks used my truck to certify...
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    They walk among us - Pedo

    I had an elementary school teacher who creeped me out. Male, late 20’s, too involved in all the kids business. I had a tough year. I didn’t like him, didn’t want to be around him, didn’t want to be in the class and repeatedly acted out. Eventually I was moved into another class. A few year...
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    Sometimes a picture gets you.

    Love this one.
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    They see me rollin / RZR on dubs

    Opened expecting to see Spinners. Disappointed.
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    Easiest way to remove old fuel from boat?

    I have a setup like that. Electric fuel pump, a secondary filter, some fuel line and battery clips. Then I run the old fuel through my wife’s car a few gallons at a time 😁 J
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    Why didn’t any of you advise me these existed?

    Whose gunna try ‘em