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    Glad I stopped!

    saw it closed again yesterday
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    Need a bimini

    If your anywhere near santa clarita , King Kid Covers.
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    Trashed Hallett270 in Visalia

    That is correct .. Took a while for them to release it
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    SOLD- 2018 Silverado 1500 Z71

    All Star Package , 25400 miles, Mostly Highway Driven, Purchased 1/12/2019, Autotrac Two Speed Transfer Case. Tonneau cover 36500
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    Real estate / Family law experts?

    Forget the money right now, Get him to get a Detailed Advanced Directive ASAP. I was just put in a position this weekend to start dialysis on my mother, Even with an AD the doctors were asking me what I wanted to do as they advised against dialysis because of her condition 3 doctors advising...
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    Trump in Bullhead

    Streaming Live Youtube
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    Cashiers Check for Boat Purchase Opinion

    There is a chase bank just up from spirit mountain. Tell him to open an account .. You open one if you don't have. He can transfer from his account to yours. Not your problem if he is hiding the money.
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    Thoughts on 2000 Howard 22 Offshore vs 2001 Laser Vision 22

    Over 70 it can tend to get a little loose but not a problem if the laser includes the step the Howard is true 22 1/2 without
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    Bad boat accident at mouth of river

    It was speculation that it happened around the island is that fact now? Was it head on or ?
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    Jack Smith Warning

    Was yours visible at all
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    Jack Smith Warning

    I too Got a ticket a week ago for not displaying the pass it’s on the dash but ended up behind the sunshade Went to city hall. Guy pulls out pictures of my windshield clearly showing no pass. I asked him to toss it as I have a pass he goes to the back for a few comes back and says the...
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    Jack Smith Update

    Had my pass on my dash where I have left it for 15 years cost an extra 62.00 today as they claim it wasn’t visible.
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    Covid-19 Tracking On Your Phone - Turn It Off!

    Yea I wonder.. How did the medical field switch to virtual so quickly.. Have to wonder.
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    Painter in the Needles Area

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    What would you do? Chevrolet Silverado

    Search 5.3 .. Common problem.. Lots of diagnosis out there. oil pickup, Screen under the pressure switch, About ready to replace the Valve Lifter Oil Manifold part number 12571609 in mine as I was told that the a seal goes out..