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    Wmc & Wendi's new home build

    I think keeping a team of workers is the biggest problem out there. This is common in Havasu.
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    Enclosed Trailer Market

    This is probably sold already.
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    4 seat speed UTV

    This is no different than Ford lovers or Chev lovers or neither. Who cares!
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    4 seat speed UTV

    Is that Brian’s place?
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    4 seat speed UTV

    Sounds like RG is going to be doing a lot of hunting over the next year. Hope it doesn’t hurt production.
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    The site is back up but having problems. Trying

    Phone works computer works iPad not so much
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    Beware everyone on rdp

    You guys don’t know what your missing.
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    RDP working on phone but not on internet

    Same here couldn’t get on all day yesterday
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    Sand Sports Super Show 2021!

    Well I couldn’t see shit with all the people there. Thanks for the pic’s, now I know what I was looking at.
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    Sand Sports Super Show 2021!

    I was at speed booth and someone opened the front hood, within seconds Robby yells close that hood it’s not finished yet. Lmao. It was awkward.
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    Desert bash tickets

    Stay tuned!
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    Good morning inmates!

    Good morning!
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    The end of an era

    Your wife’s notes are the best. Lmao
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    Get ready for Woke Mountain this winter.

    Crazy bullshit!