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    Tri tip is a CALIFORNIA meat.

    Apparently, not everyone likes the Crack... we love it. We always keep one or two in the freezer. Spendy but good!
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    Tri tip is a CALIFORNIA meat.

    Google Cardiff Crack. It’s the best tri tip I’ve ever eaten. Seaside Market in Cardiff by the Sea.
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    Settle this…

    The old "Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally"
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    Dove hunting 2021

    Thanks… I think a buddy of mine can pick it up for me with a copy of my drivers license…
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    Dove hunting 2021

    Anyone know of a place in Havasu to buy a C.R.I.T. hunting license? We're hunting Parker (Indian land) for the opener and won't be going down there until Wednesday morning.
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    Electric bikes

    Yes, it is…
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    Electric bikes

    We bought 2 fron Ben at Driven 2 months ago. We wanted a fat tire for my wife as well but she's only 5'1" and it was a little tall for her. Great bikes, great service, I would highly recommend Driven E Bikes.
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    Any Viking Range guru's in here?

    We just installed one in our place in Havasu and love it. It's only a 30" as we didn't want to redo the cabinets/granite. It's nice having gas (propane) again after having electric for 21 years.
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    Pool Pump Lifespan

    Our first single speed Pentair pump lasted 17+ years with Havasu's finest water. We installed a new Pentair Intelliflo VSF and it's awesome. Quiet, energy efficient, and nice to be able to vary the speed for different functions.
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    RZR Seats

    X2 on the Simpson Seats... We have the wide body model in our Turbo S and are very comfortable.
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    Urgent…Someone with Phoenix or Vegas Hospital connections!

    Sad day indeed! RIP
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    Mini - Split AC

    Honestly, I havent tried the heater yet...
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    Mini - Split AC

    I purchased this unit last year and installed it myself. I had to buy a small vacuum pump and gauge set to evac the line set but wasn't a big deal...
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    Baby boy has arrived