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    [WTS] Luke Brian Tickets Oct 8th

    The arrow is pointed at section 103, tickets are in section 205⬆
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    SC Island Yellowtail

    Sekas Sportfishing (949) 630-6749 [email protected]
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    SC Island Yellowtail

    Sardines & Anchovies
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    SC Island Yellowtail

    Scheduled a private charter out of dana point harbor with my oldest son and a couple buddies, headed out to SC Island and reeled in a bunch of yellowtail and seabass, great day for all of us!
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    Looking for a witness

    I'd question the girl in the Velocity photo:)
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    Work f*ckups...whats your biggest

    Working at Tillman water reclamation plant in Van Nuys on a big piping project many years ago, superintendent says hurry up rigging pipe loads down into the gallery I'll let you guys go home early, I'm operating a truck crane with a couple of buddies, we drop our last load, they pile into the...
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    Holy shizz

    We just arrived at the Havi pad yesterday when we hear a car coming down our street at full throttle around 1:00pm, look out front door to see a white suv going by 80-90mph then hear tires squealing then sound of car crashing. Run down the street to see this ass clown getting out of his car...
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    [SOLD] Fleetwood Discovery Diesel pusher

    Whats the overall length?
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    gas prices

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    I Phone 12 Pro Versus Pro Max...

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    Acl surgery

    Had mine done in 2000, havent looked back, they scalped my hamstring and grafted it in to repair the ACL, begin rehab immediately and stick with it. I worked heavy construction back then and was back to work in 5 weeks. Best of Luck!
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    Maxxis Bighorn Tires with Polaris Wheels

    Back in town tonight if you're interested, I have an the original set no extra charge.